You get a second attempt for free with the Red Hat exam!

10. 2. 2023

Starting February 6, 2023, Red Hat is offering certification candidates free individual exam retakes for those who fail the first attempt. Now the second attempt at the exam is included in the exam price. Repetition applies only to individual exams (individual exams). This change does not apply to classroom or onsite exams.

There are a number of benefits to adding a free second try to your trial. It removes the pressure of immediate financial costs if the candidate fails at the first attempt. At the same time, it reduces the tension and nervousness of the exam, as you know that you have 2 attempts at it. This move opens up the opportunity for more people to become a Certified Professional, while Red Hat maintains the high standards it sets for the designation.

How will this change affect RHLS subscribers?

Standard RHLS subscribers will now have the option to retake all five exams (if needed). Similarly, RHLS Developer subscribers will now have three first attempts for three different exams and the option to repeat all three exams.

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