Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions regulate the terms and conditions of purchasing educational services from EDU Trainings s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as EDU Trainings), a company with its registered office at Táborská 619/46, Praha 4 140 00, corporate ID no.: CZ06770321, registered at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, entry 288548 (hereinafter referred to as the “Provider”) and they also regulate the mutual rights and obligations of the Contracting Parties arising in connection with or on the basis of the contract (hereinafter referred to as the “Contract”) concluded between the Provider and another person (hereinafter referred to as the “Client”), the subject matter of which is the provision of any services by the Provider.

  1. Definition
    1. The educational services of EDU Trainings s.r.o. (“EDU Trainings”) represent trainings, courses, workshops, seminars, webinars, conferences, hands on labs, certification exams and other educational activities provided by EDU Trainings. The EDU Trainings educational services may have various formats (e.g. open courses, tailor-made courses, virtual trainings, on-demand courses, learning subscription).
    2. The terms and conditions refer to this document titled the “Terms and Conditions of EDU Trainings s.r.o.”
    3. The educational materials are all written, video and audio materials, which are part of the educational service, in any form, including the electronic form.
  2. Educational service orders
    1. The Client may order an educational service with EDU Trainings in the electronic (e-mail, on-line form, e-shop) or written form (personally, by mail). Upon receiving the order, EDU Trainings will send a booking confirmation to the Client.
    2. The Contracting Parties hereby agree that they may conduct their business electronically, including creating a contract, placing an order and the acceptance thereof.
    3. The Contracting Parties have also agreed that they will not question the validity or enforceability of the transactions so concluded under the provisions of any applicable law relating to the obligation of the Parties to have certain contracts to be in writing or signed by the Parties. The Contracting Parties have also agreed to submit electronic documents in printed form as evidence in any judicial, arbitration, conciliation, or administrative proceedings to the same extent and under the same conditions as other commercial records created and kept in the paper form.
    4. Educational services handover occurs on the date on which these services are provided by EDU Trainings.
    5. EDU Trainings has the right not to accept an order for a course from the Client if the capacity of participants at the course has already been filled; in this case, an alternative date will be offered to the interested parties.
    6. EDU Trainings reserves the right to set a minimum and a maximum number of a course participants. If not enough participants sign up for a course or another event, the Provider has the right to cancel the course or the event concerned.
    7. The Client acknowledges and agrees that the course  description may change even after the conclusion of the course delivery contract (e.g. changes in the schedule of the course, the venue of the course, lecturers, training materials, or the course or a part thereof may be rescheduled or cancelled).EDU Trainings shall inform the Client about any changes in advance.
    8. EDU Trainings can provide a course through third parties.
  3. Cancellation/Rescheduling policy
    1. Cancellation by EDU Trainings
      1.   Unless otherwise stated or agreed in writing, all EDU Trainings educational services commence on the day specified on the educational services invitation or confirmation provided by EDU Trainings. EDU Trainings reserves the right to make changes 5 business days before the commencement date of the educational service at the latest. The Client must be duly informed about a change or cancellation of an educational service.
      2.    EDU Trainings will make a reasonable effort as to notify the Client of the educational service cancellation. If the educational service cannot be rescheduled to a different date, the Client is entitled to a refund of all prepaid fees for canceled educational services; otherwise, the Client will not be entitled to any compensation for the costs, losses or damages incurred as a result of such cancellation.
      3.    EDU Trainings reserves the right to reschedule the educational service date due to force majeure reasons, lecturer’s illness, natural disaster, and other circumstances beyond its control. The registered participants will be contacted and informed about the change of the date.
      4.    In the case of force majeure (closure of the business establishment, inaccessibility of the business establishment, quarantine of the lecturer, etc.), the Provider has the right to change the full-time courses into on-line courses.
      5.    EDU Trainings business days are Mondays to Fridays, excluding weekends and public holidays.
    2. Cancellation by the Client
      1.    Free cancellation or rescheduling of the course is accepted via e-mail sent to the Provider´s e-mail address (edu@edutrainings.cz) more than 5 business days (no later than the sixth business day by 15:30) prior to the commencement of the course.
      2.    When canceling or rescheduling participation in an educational service less than 5 business days before the commencement date, the Client will be charged a  cancellation fee equal to the full price of the educational service concerned. The Client has the right to replace the registered participant by another person; in such a case, no cancellation fee will be charged.
      3.    When canceling or rescheduling the certification exam date accepted by EDU Trainings less than 2 business days before the scheduled date, the Client will be charged a cancellation fee to the extent specified by the certification authority providing the exam. For Microsoft exams, the change must be done 7 business days prior to registered exam time.
      4.    The course orders  from Partners (Red Hat, Splunk, VMware, etc.) and other courses are governed by the terms and conditions of these third parties, and free cancellation is usually at least 10 business days before the course commencement date.
  4. Payments
    1. EDU Trainings reserves the right to change the prices of educational services at any time. In the event of such a change, the confirmed registrations and orders placed within 30 days of the price change will be billed in the original amount.
    2. The prices are exclusive of value added tax, sales tax, utilization tax, tax on the provision of services and other similar taxes and custom duties. These taxes and fees – provided that they apply to the EDU Trainings educational services – will be added to the amount invoiced by EDU Trainings.
    3. Any and all payments are to be wire transferred to the EDU Trainings bank account specified in the business offer or through the payment gateway on the website. The Client’s obligation to pay the amount is fulfilled when the given amount is credited to the Provider’s account.
    4. The payment gateway provider is ComGate Payments, a.s., Gočárova třída 1754 / 48b, Hradec Králové. The payment gateway offers methods of payment by card and through the payment buttons of the banks. The payment is protected by 3D Secure. These are the fastest payment methods. You can use Visa, Mastercard and Maestro credit cards. For any questions or complaints about payments, contact ComGate via e-mail: platby-podpora@comgate.cz or phone: +420 228 224 267.
    5. Any and all payments for EDU Trainings educational services must be made within 30 calendar days of the invoice date. These payment terms are subject to approval by EDU Trainings. EDU Trainings may change the payment terms when this is justified by EDU Trainings with respect to the Client’s financial situation, payment morale or the nature of the Client’s relationship with EDU Trainings.
    6. EDU Trainings reserves the right to issue pro-forma invoices.
    7. In the event that the payment from the Client is not effected on time, EDU Trainings is entitled to charge a contractual interest from late payment equal to 0.1% of the outstanding amount for each day of delay.
  5. Intellectual property rights
    1. Any and all educational materials provided for the use during educational services are works by EDU Trainings or by the original content provider protected by copyright. Unless stated otherwise, the educational materials are provided solely for the use by a person using the educational service. The materials may not be used by any other person and they must not be reproduced, distributed, or modified without written consent granted by EDU Trainings.
    2. Without prior consent of EDU Trainings, it is forbidden to use the Company’s logo, images from the website or from business offers. The Client is obliged to pay CZK 100,000 contractual penalty to EDU Trainings for the use of the logo or images from the website; this is without prejudice to the right to claim a compensation for damage or other harm.
  6. Remedies and commitments
    1. The total liability of EDU Trainings towards the Client for any claim, petition and any receivables hereunder will be  limited to the amount paid by the Client for EDU Trainings educational services that have caused the claim in question. This limitation applies to all claims, petitions and receivables, including but not limited toa breach of contract, breach of warranty, negligence, objective liability, or other offenses. EDU Trainings will in no case  be liable for any consecutive, special, indirect, or incidental or sanction damages, in particular for the loss of data, lost profit or loss of savings or income, even though the possibility of such damages was highlighted.
    2. In any case, EDU Trainings cannot be sued more than one year after the cause of action has arisen.
    3. Remedies specified herein are the sole and exclusive remedies to be provided to the client.
  7. Personal data protection statement
    1. EDU Trainings s.r.o. (“EDU Trainings“), a company with its registered office at Táborská 619/46, 140 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic, corporate ID no.: 06770321, as the personal data controller respects your privacy and takes into account the major privacy principles of the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).
    2. Please see all details about the personal data protection https://edutrainings.eu/privacy-statement
  8. General Terms and Conditions
    1. The Client takes into account and agrees that there may be a temporary interruption of online educational services. EDU Trainings will make reasonable efforts as to prevent or minimize such interruptions.
    2. EDU Trainings may refuse a participant’s admission to a course on a case-by-case basis if it considers it a safety risk or for the protection of other participants at the educational services venue. EDU Trainings may also require that any person who violates its rules must leave the EDU Trainings premises or the venues where the educational service takes place. The fees paid for the participant who is not allowed to use the educational service under the circumstances are forfeited and the Client is not entitled to any compensation.
      c. EDU Trainings is not responsible for a late performance or non-performance due to causes beyond its control.
    3. With the exception of the EDU Trainings rights relating to the use of subcontractors, none of the Parties may assign their rights or obligations stipulated herein to any third party without prior written consent of the other Party. However, EDU Trainings may, at any time after prior written notice, transfer any rights and obligations stipulated herein to an affiliate. These Terms and Conditions are binding and in favor of the Parties and their respective successors and authorized entities to which the rights and obligations have been assigned.
    4. The Client acknowledges that EDU Trainings’ ability to deliver educational services depends on an overall and timely Client’s cooperation with EDU Trainings, as well as on the accuracy and completeness of all information and data provided by the Client.
    5. Any disputes arising from the Terms and Conditions will be settled according to the legislation of the country and place where EDU Trainings has accepted the order.
    6. If any condition or provision of these Terms and Conditions is found to be unlawful or unenforceable, the force or enforceability of the other contractual Terms or provisions remain unchanged, and shall remain in full force and effect.
    7. If none of the Parties exercises any of their rights hereunder, this does not mean, nor will it be considered, the waiver or disqualification of these rights.
    8. These Terms and Conditions, and any relevant order confirmation by EDU Trainings, form the entire agreement between EDU Trainings and the Client, and replace any prior communication, representation or agreement, whether oral or written, regarding transactions under these Terms and Conditions. No other contractual terms of the Client apply. Purchase on the part of the Client means that the Client has accepted these Terms and Conditions, which cannot be changed otherwise but by an amendment signed by the authorized representatives of both Parties.
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