zabbix 6.2
zabbix 6.2

Zabbix 6.2 comes with many new features

7. 7. 2022

Zabbix LLC releases its latest major version – Zabbix 6.2.  It comes with a lot of new features such as the ability to manually suppress problems, the official AWS EC2 template, extended VMware monitoring, enhanced host discovery, and other significant improvements.

With Zabbix instances being deployed all over the world for many different use cases and infrastructures of varying sizes, the aim of the Zabbix 6.2 release is to deliver improvements in the Zabbix configuration management and boost the performance on large Zabbix instances. Moreover, the latest 6.2 version enhances the flexibility of multiple existing features, thus supporting many new use cases.

The most notable features added in Zabbix 6.2 release include:

  • Zabbix performance improvements and internal changes

Major design changes have been made to the way Zabbix performs configuration updates. The latest release adds support of incremental configuration updates, which can greatly improve performance on large Zabbix instances. As part of the internal design changes, a new User macro cache has also been implemented. The redesign of user macro caching can also provide substantial performance improvements to Zabbix instances of varying sizes. In addition, new items are now checked within a minute after their creation, thus improving troubleshooting and overall monitoring workflows.

  • Ability to suppress irrelevant problems

Zabbix admins can now reduce unnecessary noise by suppressing irrelevant Zabbix problems until a specific point in time or until the suppression is manually removed. The action operations linked to the suppressed problems will be placed on hold until the problems are unsuppressed.

  • Support of CyberArk vault for secret storage

Zabbix 6.2 added official support of secret storage in the CyberArk vault, in addition to the previously supported HashiCorp vault. The new feature makes it possible to encrypt connections with vault certificates, secure your database credentials and user macros or configure and retrieve the Zabbix vault provider via Zabbix API.

  • Official AWS EC 2 template

The official AWS EC 2 template enables Zabbix users to track AWS EC 2 alarms, discover and monitor AWS EBS volumes, and collect CPU, network, disk, and plenty of other EC2 metrics.

  • Instant synchronization of Zabbix proxy configuration

The new 6.2 release allows to synchronize Zabbix proxy configuration for active and passive proxies in an instant — directly from Zabbix frontend. Zabbix proxy configuration can now be refreshed from the AdministrationProxies section, from the command line directly on the Zabbix server, or by using the Zabbix API.

  • Enhanced control to discovered hosts

Hosts discovered from host prototypes now support manual editing of templates, tags and user macros. This can be further leveraged by VMware monitoring functionality, where custom templates can now be applied to discovered VMware hosts.

  • Active agent check status tracking

In addition to passive agent status, active agent checks now can also be tracked in Zabbix frontend. By hovering over the Zabbix agent interface icon, Zabbix users can observe the availability of the active agent checks directly from Zabbix frontend or monitor its status with the new internal item.


Along with the new features, the latest Zabbix 6.2 major release also includes a variety of new templates for Envoy proxy, HashiCorp Consul, CockroachDB, TrueNAS, HPE MSA 2060 & 2040, and more. Furthermore, Zabbix 6.2 introduces a webhook integration for the GLPI IT Asset Management solution. This webhook can be used to forward problems created in Zabbix to the GLPi Assistance section.

Zabbix 6.2 is now available for download here. More information about the new version can be found here.

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