Zabbix 5.0: Freedom and integrity of monitoring

12. 5. 2020

Zabbix 5.0 LTS is released today. The new version brings significant improvements in usability, security and integrity.

Zabbix 5.0 is an LTS (Long Term Support) version with 5 years of official support. It combines innovation and stability and includes time-tested features, introduced in the non-LTS releases of Zabbix 4.2 and 4.4, which makes it a great choice for large-scale enterprise environments. The main strategy the Zabbix team follows is to make Zabbix as available as possible. An open-source and free monitoring solution, Zabbix can now be deployed on-premise and in the cloud. It is available on the latest releases of platforms, containers and Linux distros from RedHat/IBM, SUSE, Ubuntu.  Now one-click Zabbix deployment is also available on Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM/RedHat Cloud, Oracle, and Digital Ocean. Zabbix technical support services are now offered at Red Hat and Azure Marketplaces.

Moreover, the Zabbix monitoring tool provides numerous out-of-the-box integrations with messengers, ticketing, and alerting systems. The new release expands the list of supported services and applications that can be monitored effortlessly.

Meet some of the new features:

  • Automation and discovery: the new Zabbix version comes with improved automation functionality. Automated discovery of hardware components, Windows-related resources, and advanced discovery of Java metrics have been added into the new release.
  • Scalability: Zabbix UI has been optimized to simplify the monitoring of millions of devices.
  • The new Zabbix monitoring agent gets an ‘officially supported’ status. The new extendable agent provides advanced functionality for most demanding customers and complex use cases. It is based on plugin architecture with the ability to collect metric data using various methods and technologies. We believe it is the most advanced monitoring agent on the market.
  • Significant security enhancements: the new improvements guarantee that all Zabbix components communicate in a secure way and also use secure protocols for outbound communications without affecting performance in any way. Configurable ciphers and the ability to define blacklists and whitelists for metrics are critical for those using Zabbix in highly sensitive environments.
  • Compression for TimescaleDB: The time-series data compression helps increase performance and efficiency while lowering operational costs.
  • Usability improvements: The new release is optimized for wide screens and also introduces support for 3rd party UI modules among other enhancements of Zabbix UI.


Updates are already available in the official repository.


Zabbix courses


Zabbix user course will take place on 4. 6. 2020.

Take the opportunity to participate in a free webinar on 29.5. (9:00 – 10:00) focused on Zabbix news in version 5.0. Register at




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