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We’ve added Zscaler courses to our portfolio!

25. 8. 2022

In order for you to be able to learn with us in all the areas you need, we have added another supplier to our portfolio. It’s Zscaler, a company dedicated to IT and security transformation, infrastructure modernization and improving the digital work environment for employees. They have developed the world’s largest cloud security platform, which protects thousands of businesses and government agencies from cyber attacks and data loss.

Zscaler offers a comprehensive range of training and certifications to teach you how to use Zscaler to its full potential. On our website you will find instructor-led Zscaler courses and e-learnings that you can access online whenever you need. In addition, if you purchase 1 e-learning course, you get access to all e-learning courses for a whole year. Become a certified expert and learn how to work with Zscaler solutions. If you have any questions about these new courses, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Watch the following series of videos to introduce you to all Zscaler solutions:

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