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How to work with team potential?

October 14, 2022, 9:00 – 10:00, in Czech

As part of the webinar, we will focus on the way and methods of recognizing the talents of individuals and the subsequent dynamics of the entire team. We will learn to work with SWOT, Gallup and mentoring tools. We will get answers to the questions:

  • How best to use SWOT to identify individual / team potential? When is SWOT appropriate to use? What are the most common SWOT mistakes? How to develop an action plan following the results of SWOT?
  • How to interpret the results of Gallup and incorporate them into work with the team?
  • When is it appropriate to incorporate the structure of a mentoring program into an organization? What are the rules and methods of a mentoring program?

The main goal of the webinar is to learn to work with teams so that we respect the personalities and skills of individuals and get the most out of it. When a person works at his potential, he performs the highest performance and feels good about it. The webinar is intended primarily for HR managers, learning and development managers and all those who lead a smaller or larger team.

About the lecturer

Tina Nekudová is the author of the “S Tinou” project. She has a career at Deloitte and Microsoft, where she has worked in management and technology-oriented business. Today he is engaged in professional mentoring, consulting and his own podcast. With its clients, it focuses on working with potential, the SWOT tool, building business plans, business and brand strategies and personal brands, as well as presentation skills.


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