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ITIL in corporate practice

October 13, 2022, 17:00 – 18:00 pm, in Slovak

You already know the theory, but do you want to find out how ITIL works in company practice? This topic will be presented to you by a woman who has extensive experience from various corporations in the IT field. You will learn which elements of ITIL are used the most in practice and which, on the contrary, are not given enough attention. We will also look at the difficulty of adapting different modules in the manufacturing and service industries and what problems can arise in adapting individual modules to the company culture. Register for this webinar and learn more about ITIL with examples from business practice.

About the lecturer

Lýdia Vajsáblová has more than 12 years of management experience in the IT field in various roles and responsibilities. She was responsible for supporting the global infrastructure of data centers, manufacturing facilities, campuses  with more than 80 employees worldwide. He currently manages strategic and financial planning, including project management in the IT infrastructure of TE Connectivity. She is open, willing to share her knowledge and ready to face new challenges.


How to work with team potential?

October 14, 2022, 9:00 – 10:00 am, in Czech

As part of the webinar, we will focus on the way and methods of recognizing the talents of individuals and the subsequent dynamics of the entire team. We will learn to work with SWOT, Gallup and mentoring tools. We will get answers to the questions:

  • How best to use SWOT to identify individual / team potential? When is SWOT appropriate to use? What are the most common SWOT mistakes? How to develop an action plan following the results of SWOT?
  • How to interpret the results of Gallup and incorporate them into work with the team?
  • When is it appropriate to incorporate the structure of a mentoring program into an organization? What are the rules and methods of a mentoring program?

The main goal of the webinar is to learn to work with teams so that we respect the personalities and skills of individuals and get the most out of it. When a person works at his potential, he performs the highest performance and feels good about it. The webinar is intended primarily for HR managers, learning and development managers and all those who lead a smaller or larger team.

About the lecturer

Tina Nekudová is the author of the “S Tinou” project. She has a career at Deloitte and Microsoft, where she has worked in management and technology-oriented business. Today he is engaged in professional mentoring, consulting and his own podcast. With its clients, it focuses on working with potential, the SWOT tool, building business plans, business and brand strategies and personal brands, as well as presentation skills.


How and why you should start your Python journey?

November 4, 2022, 9:00 – 10:00 am, in Czech

This webinar is intended for beginners and intermediates interested in the Python programming language. We will introduce you to topics and approaches from this area, the follow-up course will offer you maximum interactivity and work with code. In the webinar you will learn:

  • What makes Python stand out and what sets it apart from other programming languages
  • Why to use it and how to develop further in it

About the lecturer

František Dvořák has 30 years of experience with information technologies and, thanks to his original profession as a teacher of exact sciences, he thinks about conveying issues in a human form. Following on from his technical background (management and monitoring of operating systems and networks), he provides knowledge of ITSM/ITIL practices, contact with technologies in the form of programming (Python, PERL, shells) and essential soft skills in informatics, especially thinking tools of critical thinking. He calls himself an adventurer and romantic in a tough corporate world, a seeker of truth and dynamic harmony.


How to work with feedback and evaluation?

November 11, 2022, 9:00 – 10:00 am, in Czech

We often make the most mistakes in something what is or should be our daily routine. Feedback is just one such area. Is it important? Yes: People management, as well as, for example, team and inter-team cooperation, cannot do without it. Do we give and receive it often? Yes, practically every day. Do we feel confident in the feedback? Hmmm, not really. We don’t like to give it, we don’t like to receive it. And what about the evaluation? Are we doing it? Just because we have to (“it’s a process”, “HR wants us to do it”), we somehow endure it once a year/six months/quarter. On both sides.

How to feedback so that it is effective, so that people not only tolerate it, but even want to hear it? And what about evaluation so that it is not just a bureaucratic necessity? We’ll take a look at that in this webinar.

About the lecturer

Petra Gášek Zárubová has been working as a lecturer, mentor and facilitator since 2007. She focuses mainly on leading people in all positions, on leadership and specifically on so-called transition leadership – leading people in changes and challenging situations. Her roots in logistics give her a strong focus on practicality, on the immediate applicability of knowledge, to which she guides participants. Don’t expect theorizing from her, on the contrary, be prepared to work on your real situations from practice.

This is a free interactive webinar with a limited number of participants. This webinar will take place differently than you are used to. We decided to offer you more interactivity with the lecturer and the opportunity to master the topic more practically and in depth. We will meet through the MS Teams platform and the limit is set to 12 participants, therefore we ask that only serious interested participants register.

Process automation and data analytics

December 2, 2022, 9:00 – 10:00 am, in Czech

As a human society, we first automated and robotized agriculture. Then we left a large part of industrial production to machines. Now the phase is accelerating where we are automating a larger and larger part of our office work. First of all, there are boring routine tasks where we just manually move data from place to place. In these cases, everyone is relieved and it is obvious. However, a surprisingly large part of our work is routine decisions that we can also hand over to algorithms as more and more of our processes become digital and thus algorithms have comparable access to data and information as humans.

Data analytics will then help us not only with analyzing the performance of us humans, but above all of these algorithms. Algorithms are often not as accurate as humans, but unlike humans they are readable and consistent. Data analysis thus gives us the opportunity to improve the work of these algorithms with regard to different input data and situations.

In this webinar, we demonstrate current trends and tools that have a high rate of return and you can start using them in your company with minimal initial costs literally in a few days, using simple and concrete examples.

About the lecturer

Lukáš Zeman has been helping small and large companies successfully build data analytics for over 8 years. Using various data tools, it achieves business goals of companies and generates profit. His last career stop was leading the analytics team at Rohlik Group.


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