Webinar: Emotional intelligence and effective cooperation with the 5 Chairs method

8. 2. 2021

Emotional intelligence plays at least 80% in our overall success – in our lives, in our job. What does EQ exactly mean and can we learn it? Geniuses in our world are often lonely people and, in the contrary, there are people everybody wants to be around and cooperate. Strange? Not really. Let me invite you for a little trip into ourselves and on our way we will pick up the right CHAIR to sit on.


On March 19, 2021 from 10:30 to 11:30 (expected end) in English
Registration for the Czech webinar is available here.
We send a recording of webinar to registered participants after processing.

About lecturer

Kateřina Braithwaite during her 20-year management experience, Katerina has gained a wealth of experience in business meetings and negotiations at the top and international level. She has been training and coaching managers and sales people in the ČR and abroad in the field of cross-cultural communication, leadership, sales, communication and professional etiquette. Certified trainer of the 3AXIS visual language method, ambassador and sole lecturer and coach of the 5 Chairs method in the Czech Republic, lecturer of DiSC – personality typology, certified diplomat.


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