Transition leadership – series of online courses

15. 4. 2020

EDU Trainings in cooperation with the lecturer and coach Petra Gášek Zárubová prepared a series of online courses (3×1 / 2-day course / module) in Czech language on the topic of “Transition leadership”.

Courses can be ordered as:

Public courses

  • Courses for everyone at the dates listed below (Public Course)
  • The capacity of the courses is maximum 10 persons.
  • Price for 1 module is 75 Eur without VAT per person.
  • If you order all 3 modules at once, you get a discounted price of 210 EUR without VAT.
  • Email registration:

Private courses

  • Ability to customize the topics to your specific needs.
  • The capacity of the courses is maximum 10 persons.
  • Price calculation according to specific assignment and client’s needs.
  • In case of interest, the participants have the opportunity to follow the online courses in the form of individual consultations.


We deliver a series of online courses as three half-day courses / modules.


1) Leadership in change and crisis (people lead people in change and crisis)

In the first part of the Transition Leadership program, you will understand how people work during crises and change. You will understand what it means from the perspective of their leadership. You will get to know the basic principles of working with slides in extraordinary conditions. You define your own role in this specific situation.


  • People and change – what happens with slides in change and why
  • Leading people through change – why a crisis is not enough to be a good manager, why we need to be a leader
  • Communication in change – key principles of communication in change


2) Social distancing leadership (people lead people remotely)

In this part you will define important principles of distance management. You will make clear what each of us has to adapt our way of leading people to work in the conditions of long-term home office and / or (working together) teleworking.


  • Delegate and trust: the basic principles of distance management and how to do it
  • How to set up mutual communication
  • Basic remote control tools: setting expectations and goals, control, feedback, evaluation, 1to1 and more


3) Remote Facilitace (remote meetings and workshops)

In the last part you will name the basic rules for teamwork at a distance. You will become familiar with useful tools and procedures. You set the framework for how meetings and workshops should look in the specific circumstances – in the context of the participants’ specific businesses.


  • What changes and what doesn’t – what worked in classic meetings and will work now, what we have to do differently
  • Bad habits that catch up in the online world: mistakes that go through in classic meetings, but they don’t forgive them online
  • Meeting mode, meeting rules, meeting tools



Petra Gášek Zárubová has held professional and managerial positions in companies such as TNT Express World Wide, Mediatel or Warmpeace. During this journey, she became increasingly aware of the importance of knowing her people and herself, and that sometimes a partner, a mirror, and support were useful. It is with this support as a trainer and coach that she likes to become for her clients.

She attended Art and Science of Coaching training under Marilyn Atkinson or development workshops with Štěpánka Čápová.
She has several years of experience in the development of both small and medium-sized companies and large corporations in the areas of leadership, change management and communication.





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