transition leadership
transition leadership

Transition leadership – People lead people in times of change and crisis

30. 3. 2020

Day after day we found ourselves in a situation where many old certainties fell. The development is dramatic and it is very difficult to estimate (let alone plan) what to expect in the near future, not to mention more distant horizons. Whatever this time brings, it is clear that we are now facing a very difficult period of struggle with COVID-19, not only in the medical but also in the economic and social sense. And when this immediate struggle is over, the second struggle will begin. The struggle to regain balance.

EDU Trainings in cooperation with lecturer and coach Petra Gášek Zárubová prepared a series of online courses on the topic of Transition leadership for anyone who currently leads people regardless of the level of leadership or field.


In the one-hour webinar you have the opportunity to attend free of charge, the lecturer will introduce you to a series of online courses and show you what is happening to people in change, why it is not enough to be a good manager, why we need to be a leader and key principles of communication in change.




Time Topic Subtitle Lecturer Language Price Registration
15. 4. 2020 14:00 – 15:00 Transition leadership People lead people in times of change and crisis Petra Gášek Zárubová Czech Free

Petra Gášek Zárubová has held professional and managerial positions in companies such as TNT Express World Wide, Mediatel or Warmpeace. During this journey, she became increasingly aware of the importance of knowing her people and herself, and that sometimes a partner, a mirror, and support were useful. It is with this support as a trainer and coach that she likes to become for her clients.

She attended Art and Science of Coaching training under Marilyn Atkinson or development workshops with Štěpánka Čápová.
She has several years of experience in the development of both small and medium-sized companies and large corporations in the areas of leadership, change management and communication.

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