Zscaler Certified Cloud Professional-Internet Access (ZCCP-IA)

Course code: ZCCPIAELN

The ZCCP-IA builds upon the ZCCA-IA and is the second level of ZIA Certification.This course is designed for anyone who needs a deeper dive into topics like Traffic Forwarding, Authentication, and Bandwidth Management.

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Course dates

Starting date: Upon request

Type: E-learning

Course duration: 13 hours

Language: en

Price without VAT: 300 EUR


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Language Price without VAT
Upon request E-learning 13 hours en 300 EUR Register
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Target group

Zscaler system administrators desiring a deeper dive into Traffic Forwarding and Authentication and the advanced topics listed below. Anyone who is responsible for deploying or maintaining the Traffic Forwarding and Authentication aspects of a Zscaler Internet Access deployment.

Course structure

  • Traffic Forwarding: GRE>
  • Traffic Forwarding: PAC Files>
  • Authentication: Fundamentals>
  • Authentication: Zscaler Authentication Bridge>
  • DNS Security & Optimization>
  • Traffic Forwarding: IPSec>
  • Traffic Forwarding: Proxy Chaining and Port Forwarding>
  • Authentication: SAML>
  • Authentication: Kerberos>
  • Nanolog Streaming Service>
  • Traffic Forwarding: Zscaler App>
  • Traffic Forwarding: Virtual ZEN>
  • Authentication: LDAP>
  • Bandwidth Management>
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