TOGAF EA Course Combined L1 + L2

Course code: togafeacl1l2

This intensive course combines the Foundation + Certified. It is intended for everyone who wants to understand the terminology, structure, master the principles of enterprise architecture and work with TOGAF.

Aim of the Course

  • You will understand the terminology, principles and processes
  • We will show you the benefits of enterprise architecture (EA)
  • You will learn the potential of using the TOGAF framework in the latest current version
  • In Level 2, we will focus on solving specific examples that are based on common practice

TOGAF EA Course Combined L1 + L2 delivered by Tayllorcox is a course accredited by The Open Group. EDU Trainings promotes this course for Tayllorcox


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The earliest date from 23.10.2023

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Course dates

Starting date: 23.10.2023

Type: Virtual

Course duration: 5 days

Language: cz/sk

Price without VAT: 2 034 EUR


Starting date: Individual

Type: Virtual

Course duration: 5 days

Language: cz/sk

Price without VAT: 2 034 EUR


Type Course
Language Price without VAT
23.10.2023 Virtual 5 days cz/sk 2 034 EUR Register
Individual Virtual 5 days cz/sk 2 034 EUR Register
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Target group

Graduates of this course will not only master the basic processes and terminology (at the Foundation level), but will immediately practice advanced techniques on examples of design and implementation of Enterprise Architecture (EA).

The course is especially suitable for positions
  • Business : Analysts | Business Strategists
  • Management : CIO | CTO | Corporate Planners
  • Managers : Project | Program | Portfolio | Quality | Business Process
  • Architects : Enterprise | Technology | Data | Business | Infrastructure | Solution

Course structure

Day 1

Introduction to TOGAF ®

  • TOGAF ® Methodology
  • Tools for EA TOGAF
  • Basics of Enterprise Architecture


Architecture Development Method

  • Vision
  • Business
  • IS Architecture
  • Technology Architecture


Architecture Development Method

  • Opportunities, Solutions
  • Migration Planning
  • Implementation
  • Change Management


  • Architecture Governance Framework

Day 2

EA Solution

  • TOGAF for Solution Architecture


  • TOGAF Business Architecture


  • High Level Design Template

Reference Model

  • TOGAF Technical Reference Model & Integration Architecture

Day 3


  • ADM Intro
  • Enterprise Continuum
  • Management Overview

E. Architecture

  • Architecture Repository
  • Architecture Governance
  • Architecture Content Framework
  • Metamodel
  • Views & Points
  • Building Blocks
  • Preliminary Phase
  • Business Scenario
  • Implementation Support
  • Stakeholder Management

Day 4


  • Development Method – Level 2
  • Implementation Support Techniques

Architecture Partitioning

Guidelines for Adapting the ADM


  • Maturity Models
  • Skills Framework


  • Certification exam level Certified

Day 5


  • Revision of TOGAF ® Roadmap

Design EA

  • Examples of EA Modeling

Practice tests

  • TOGAF Sample test
  • Analysis of questions and answers


  • Certification exam level Certified


There are no prerequisites for this certification for candidates taking the two examinations or the Combined Part 1 and Part 2 examination.

If a candidate has achieved certification for TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture Foundation or passed the Part 1 section of the Combined Part 1 and Part 2 examination, then they need only take the TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Part 2 examination.

Candidates who have achieved the TOGAF 9 Certified qualification can achieve certification via the bridge learning path (see the separate datasheet for more information).

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TOGAF® 9 Combined Part 1 and Part 2 Exam

The pass mark of the first test (Foundation level) is 55%, i.e. 22 questions out of 40 possible. For the second part (Certified level) 60% of correct answers are required, i.e. 24 points out of 40.

  • Total number of questions: 48
  • The exam consists of 2 parts (Sections)
  • Section 1: 40 multiple choice questions (60 min)
  • Section 2: 8 questions, requires a comprehensive answer (90 min)
  • If your native language is not English, you gain extra time
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