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Course structure


  • overview of SAS Foundation
  • course logistics
  • course data files

SAS Programs

  • introduction to SAS programs
  • submitting a SAS program
  • SAS program syntax

Accessing Data

  • examining SAS data sets
  • accessing SAS libraries

Producing Detail Reports

  • subsetting report data
  • sorting and grouping report data
  • enhancing reports

Formatting Data Values

  • using SAS formats
  • user-defined formats

Reading SAS Data Sets

  • reading a SAS data set
  • customizing a SAS data set

Reading Spreadsheet and Database Data

  • reading spreadsheet data
  • reading database data

Reading Raw Data Files

  • introduction to reading raw data files
  • reading standard delimited data
  • reading nonstandard delimited data
  • handling missing data

Manipulating Data

  • using SAS functions
  • conditional processing

Combining Data Sets

  • concatenating data sets
  • merging data sets one-to-one
  • merging data sets one-to-many
  • merging data sets with non-matches

Creating Summary Reports

  • FREQ procedure
  • MEANS and UNIVARIATE procedures
  • using the output delivery system

Controlling Input and Output

  • writing observations explicitly
  • writing to multiple SAS data sets
  • selecting variables and observations

Summarizing Data

  • creating an accumulating total variable
  • accumulating totals for a group of data

Data Transformations

  • introduction
  • manipulating character values
  • manipulating numeric values
  • converting variable type

Processing Data Iteratively

  • DO loop processing
  • conditional DO loop processing
  • SAS array processing
  • using SAS arrays

Introduction to the Macro Facility

  • purpose of the macro facility
  • program flow

Macro Variables

  • introduction to macro variables
  • automatic macro variables
  • macro variable references
  • user-defined macro variables
  • delimiting macro variable references
  • macro functions

Macro Programs

  • defining and calling a macro
  • macro parameters
  • macro conditional processing

Basic Queries

  • overview of the SQL procedure
  • specifying columns
  • specifying rows

Outputting Query Results

  • presenting data
  • creating tables
  • summarizing data

Subqueries and Joins

  • noncorrelated subqueries
  • inner joins
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