SAS(R) Event Stream Processing Essentials

Course code: DESP1H

This course teaches you how to build SAS Event Stream Processing applications that ingest high-volume and high-velocity data streams, respond in real time, and store only relevant data elements. The course discusses basic concepts of event stream processing and introduces the component objects with which to build event stream processing applications.
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Starting date: Upon request

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Target group

Developers and architects who design and create applications that process IoT (Internet of Things) streams in real time, operators who manage IoT project deployments, and data scientists and analysts who need to gain insights from streaming data while it is in motion

Course structure

Introduction to SAS Stream Event Processing

  • Define event streams and events.
  • Explain the purpose of SAS Event Stream Processing.
  • Identify the components of SAS Event Stream Processing.

SAS Event Stream Processing Models

  • Describe the SAS Event Stream Processing model components.
  • Explain the graph metaphor.
  • Examine windows and edges.

SAS Event Stream Processing Studio

  • Describe the main model development functions of SAS Event Stream Processing Studio.
  • Explain the function of the ESP server.
  • Edit a model in SAS Event Stream Processing Studio.

Event Transformations

  • Describe SAS Event Stream Processing transformations and windows.
  • Explain the function of indexes.
  • Describe and demonstrate the source, union, and filter windows.
  • Describe the SAS Event Stream Processing operation codes.
  • Explain the canonical set of events.
  • Describe and demonstrate the compute, copy, aggregate, and counter windows.

Inputs and Outputs

  • Review the publish and subscribe system in SAS Event Stream Processing.
  • List available connectors and adapters.
  • Identify the publish and subscribe parameters.
  • Define and demonstrate the CAS adapter.
  • Define and demonstrate the adapter connector.

Advanced Event Transformations

  • Describe and demonstrate the capabilities of the join window.
  • Define and demonstrate connector orchestration.
  • Introduce and demonstrate the pattern window.
  • Describe pattern matching with events of interest and logic expressions.
  • Describe the calculate window and demonstrate execution with Python, C/C++, and DS2 code.
  • Discuss SAS Event Stream Processing design patterns and application performance tuning.

SAS Event Stream Manager

  • Describe the main functions of SAS Event Stream Manager.
  • Introduce and demonstrate deployments into non-production and production environments.
  • Create a deployment and assign servers.


Familiarity with XML and familiarity with the UNIX/Linux command-line interface are required.

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