Python programming

Course code: PYT1

Python is an object oriented scripting language that stands out with its clear syntax and great community supporting it. Developers value Python as a fast prototyping language. Thanks to numerous extension modules it is possible to use Python for various purposes, e.g. system administration automation, data processing, GUI application development, data visualisation.

Its core philosophy is summarized in the document The Zen of Python (PEP 20), which includes aphorisms such as:

  • Beautiful is better than ugly.
  • Explicit is better than implicit.
  • Simple is better than complex.
  • Complex is better than complicated.
  • Readability counts.

Python has been successfully used as an extension language for many software projects. The central module repository – the Python Package Index or PyPi holds almost 100 000 modules contributed by the community.
This course will introduce You into the world of Python programming and it will make you familiar with the entire Python ecosystem.

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Course dates

Starting date: 09.10.2023

Type: In-person/Virtual

Course duration: 4 days

Language: en/cz

Price without VAT: 760 EUR


Starting date: Upon request

Type: In-person/Virtual

Course duration: 4 days

Language: en/cz

Price without VAT: 760 EUR


Type Course
Language Price without VAT
09.10.2023 In-person/Virtual 4 days en/cz 760 EUR Register
Upon request In-person/Virtual 4 days en/cz 760 EUR Register
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Course structure

  • History
  • Versions
  • Instalation
  • Runtime
  • Development environment
  • Basic syntax
  • Essential data types
  • Data type conversions
  • Simple text output
  • Simple input
  • Command line arguments
  • Flow control
  • Conditions
  • Loops
  • Exceptions
  • Complex data types – containers
  • Lists
  • Strings
  • Tuples
  • Dictionaries
  • Sets
  • Code structure
  • Functions
  • Modules
  • Packages
  • Classes and objects
  • Inheritance
  • Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism
  • Class, object, instance
  • Methods, fields, attributes
  • Working with files
  • Standard library
  • PyPi repository
  • The pip tool
  • VirtualEnv
  • GUI frameworks
  • Platform independent
  • Platform dependent
  • Database support
  • DB API
  • ODBC
  • Native Python databases
  • Online resources
  • Books
  • Tutorials
  • IDEs
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