Principles of Business Analysis

Course code: PBA

Do you want to finally learn what business analysis really is and what it really isn’t? Are you drowning in the number of requests from clients on projects and you don’t know which ones to deliver or throw away first? Are you working in Agile and don’t fully understand how to put all the User Stories together into a meaningful solution proposal? Are you interested in how to correctly define tasks for developers and at the same time be at one with the business and the customer?

A three-day training that accompanies business analysis practices from the absolute basics and principles to specific tools, techniques and approaches with one goal – so that the participants take away a new, yet already used for years, fresh view of business analysis, its benefits and its dark sides.

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Course dates

Starting date: 15.05.2024

Place : Praha

Type: In-person

Course duration: 3 days

Language: cz/sk

Price without VAT: 1 050 EUR


Starting date: Upon request

Type: In-person/Virtual

Course duration: 3 days

Language: en/cz

Price without VAT: 1 050 EUR


Type Course
Language Price without VAT
15.05.2024 Praha In-person 3 days cz/sk 1 050 EUR Register
Upon request In-person/Virtual 3 days en/cz 1 050 EUR Register
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Course description

What we will learn at the training:

  • we will present where it makes sense to use BA, where it doesn’t, where the real added value of the business analytical craft is, and where it is very often misused to fulfill project and process rules and most importantly… how to get out of it.
  • we will explain the pragmatic application of business analysis tools, which has been proven for years on projects we will show practical experience from projects (best practices versus analytical antipatterns)
  • we will explain the key principles in business analysis, we will clarify how to access the content and how to work with the form of business analyst outputs
  • we will go through the areas of business process modeling, business domain, use cases, functional UI design, requirements, combine with agile approaches and concepts such as Epics, User stories
  • we will practice the basic techniques for defining business analyst outputs
  • we fit business analysis into the context of the entire software and product development. Both using an agile approach and a predictive one, and we’ll explain the differences
  • the training is based on market standards, international methodologies (e.g. PMBOK, BABOK, SCRUM, SaFE, UML, BPMN, RUP and others), but it is not a dry interpretation of techniques and methodologies – the training selects the best from all approaches has proven itself for years on projects, and then shows everything on examples all this in a clear, informative, informative and entertaining form

Target group

This course is designed for business analysts and related professionals such as project managers, QA managers, project customers, technical leads, systems engineers, or anyone who has a critical role in the success of projects.

Course structure

Business analysis

  • Business analysis on projects, waterfall vs. iterative approaches and the importance of business analysis
  • The real VALUE of business analysis and requirements vs needs
  • Typical problems related to assignments on projects

Business domain modeling

  • Business process and business domain modeling in the context of IS development
  • Business process, process definition
  • Business process modeling and best practices in modeling
  • Process hierarchy and process levels
  • Capability maturity model and how to really use it in practice
  • Stakeholder management

Functional system modeling (Black-box modeling)

  • System modeling using Use Cases
  • Definition of Use Case, Actor, System
  • Design (anti)patterns for modeling use cases
  • Thorough practice with an example
  • Linking Business processes and use cases


  • Requirements, types of requirements, FURPS+ requirements
  • Modeling requirements and their description,
  • Best practices in gathering requirements

Mapping UserStories and Business analysis in Agile

  • Comparison of UserStories and Requirements
  • Embedding UserStories into key business analytics principles

System modeling (White-box modeling)

  • Transition from Business analysis to IT analysis and design
  • Modeling of system components and their cooperation
  • Linking Business processes, use cases and system analysis ‍


This course is designed for business analysts and related professionals who want to make informed decisions about organizational needs and document them as business and project requirements.

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