NL AIC AI for Business and Government Certification Exam


This is only the NL AIC AI for Business and Government Certification Exam. The course that will prepare you for this exam is NL AIC AI for Business and Government + exam.

The AI for Business Certification is designed to recognize the awareness and understanding of individuals regarding the components of AI and its adoption and application in a manner that benefits the business, government, and society. The certification involves considering the benefits, ethical questions, and risks of this powerful technology.

Candidates who have achieved the AI for Business Certification have demonstrated their understanding of AI, its importance, and fundamental concepts such as robotics, algorithms, and machine learning approaches. They know how to organize a team for AI, the approaches and tools required, the dependence AI has on data, and how to manage it. Certified individuals are also aware of how to assess risks and ethical dilemmas for trustworthy AI, can explain how humans and machines will work together in an organization, and have knowledge of the future of AI.

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Type: Exam

Course duration: 1 hour

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Course description

The following table is an overview of the topics examined in the certification exam.

#questions Level(s) of Cognition Category
1 2 3
6 Applications of AI and their benefits

  • Importance of data, platform / data driven business models, 4th Industrial Revolution, Singularity
  • What is AI
  • Definition of Human and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Understanding different application areas and benefits of AI
3 Data, Robots and Artificial Intelligence

  • Definitions for data, information, knowledge, intelligence
  • Robotic paradigm
  • Definition of Intelligent Agents and characteristics
15 Predictions, Algorithms, Machine and Deep Learning

  • Data analytics
  • Common problem types
  • Fundamentals – an overview
  • Types of Machine Learning
  • Overview of Common algorithms / techniques
9 Building and assessing an AI application

  • Awareness of key tools for AI
  • Awareness of generic approach (CRISP-DM) to building a model
  • Assessing the risk of a model – an overview
  • Organising the AI Project team
6 Managing Data for AI

  • What is Data
  • What is data management, overview of the key elements
12 Ethics, Risks and Trustworthiness

  • Examples of ethical questions, dilemma’s and limitations of AI
  • General definition of ethics and awareness of ethical guidelines (EU Framework)
  • Society concerns and objections to the use of AI
  • Trustwortiness of AI
9 Human and Machine Coexistence

  • List opportunities for AI including where humans and machines work together
  • Awareness of a cognitive taxonomy and ability to describe AI with reference to one (Dilt)
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of humans versus machines
  • Understand need to enable innovation and discovery within an AI initiative

Target group

The AI for Business & Government Certification is aimed at executives, managers and professionals
who wish to progress beyond basic awareness to acquire an understanding of what AI is, how it
works and where it can be applied – including both benefits and risks.

It is therefore ideal for people for whom the concept of AI is relatively new and who wish to
become competent in AI, are considering becoming involved in the application of AI or who must
make informed decisions about the application of AI in their business domain.

Course structure

Attempts per voucher: 1
Number of questions: 60
Passing score: 65%
Time: 60 minutes
Open-book: No
Language: English


Invigilation: None
Question type: Multiple choice


The certificate is valid for two years.

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