Microsoft Word – Foundation

Course code: MWORDFOU

The training is focused on creating different types of text documents in the Word application – letters, applications, reports, CVs, papers and articles. Students will learn from the basics to create text documents, set the appearance of headings, paragraphs, numbered lists and bulleted lists. They’ll learn how to insert a picture and table into a document and customize their appearance. They’ll learn how to set up page layouts, insert footers and headers, and how to print a document. The knowledge gained during the training is indispensable for almost all administrative positions.

Word basic training materials

Each trainee will receive our training materials in the amount of 16 A4 pages. For training, we recommend the book Word 2019 (not only) for schools.

Program version

For corporate and individual training, you can choose the version of the program on which the training will take place. Open courses run on the current version of the program. In agreement with the participants, the lecturer will draw attention to the differences between older versions.

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Course dates

Starting date: Upon request

Type: Virtual

Course duration: 2 days

Language: cz/sk

Price without VAT: 135 EUR


Starting date: Upon request

Place : Praha

Type: In-person

Course duration: 2 days

Language: cz/sk

Price without VAT: 150 EUR


Type Course
Language Price without VAT
Upon request Virtual 2 days cz/sk 135 EUR Register
Upon request Praha In-person 2 days cz/sk 150 EUR Register
G Guaranteed course

Didn't find a suitable date?

Write to us about listing an alternative tailor-made date.


Course structure

The curriculum can be customized for individual and corporate training.

    • Work with text and set font formatting
    • typing special characters, Czech x English keyboard, keys for fast movement in the text
    • font, size, type, color, emphasis, font border
    • copy, cut and paste text
    • keyboard shortcuts to speed up formatting and moving through text
    • Paragraph setting
    • text alignment indentation,
    • line spacing, and spacing settings
    • setting tabs
    • insert page break
    • Bullets and numbering
    • turning on numbering and bulleting
    • changing the numbering and bulleting format
    • Ways to display a document
    • normal layout, print layout
    • showing hidden characters
    • document layout
    • Setting the appearance of the page
    • paper size and orientation page margins
    • header and footer insertion of page
    • numbering
    • Tables
    • creating a table
    • working with rows and columns, merging cells
    • table formatting
    • Inserting objects
    • inserting a picture
    • changing image properties
    • screen cutout
    • inserting charts and tables from Microsoft Excel
    • Tools for working with text
    • automatic corrections
    • spell check text
    • search
    • Introduction to working with styles
    • benefits of using styles
    • preset styles
    • heading and paragraph style
    • preset themes and their effect on the appearance of the document
    • Print and publish a document
    • print and printer settings
    • saving in PDF format
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