ITIL Specialist: Acquiring & Managing Cloud Services exam

Course code: EXITILSAMCS

This is an official certification exam from AXELOS and its examination institute PeopleCert. ITIL® is registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

Exam Structure

  • Examination format: 40 questions
  • Multiple choice
  • 90 minutes’ duration
  • Closed book.


With the retake if an unsuccessful outcome occurs for your initial exam, then the re-sit option it is enabled. When your official exam results become available, you are notified by e-mail to schedule your re-sit exam. It will be conducted through online proctoring offering you flexibility to take it from your home or office, at the time of your convenience. You have up to 6 months to prepare and take your re-sit exam from the date of your initial exam.

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Course dates

Starting date: Upon request

Type: Exam

Course duration: 1h 30min

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Course duration: 1h 30min

Language: en

Price without VAT: 590 EUR


Type Course
Language Price without VAT
Upon request Exam 1h 30min en 525 EUR Register
Upon request Exam + Retake 1h 30min en 590 EUR Register
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Materials allowed None
This is a ‘closed book’ exam. The ITIL 4: Acquiring and Managing Cloud Services publication should be used for study, but is NOT permitted to be used in the exam. 
Exam duration
90 minutes
Candidates taking the exam in a language that is not their native or working language may be awarded 25% extra time, i.e. 113 minutes in total.
Number of marks
40 marks
There are 40 questions, each worth 1 mark. There is no negative marking.
Pass mark 26 marks
You will need to get 26 questions correct (65%) to pass the exam.
Level of thinking
Bloom’s levels 2 &3
“Bloom’s level” describes the type of thinking needed to answer the question. For Bloom’s 2 questions, you need to show understanding of the concepts, methods and principles of the Acquiring and Managing Cloud Services module. For Bloom’s 3 questions, you need to demonstrate application of these concepts, methods and principles of the Acquiring and Managing Cloud Services module.
Question types
Standard classic, Negative, & List
The questions are all ‘multiple choice’.
For the ‘standard classic’ questions, you have a question and four answer options.
‘Negative’ questions are ‘standard’ questions in which the stem is negatively worded.
For the ‘list’ questions, there is a list of four statements and you have to select two correct statements from the list.
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