IT Business Analysis with Generative AI and large language models

Course code: ITBAGAILLM

The IT Business Analyst is a key role in the implementation of especially IT innovations. In the Czech Republic, there are several tens of thousands of analysts and many other IT professions who perform analysis as part of their work.

Newer AI technologies have the potential to significantly change the way individual professions work. And this cannot be avoided even by the profession of IT Business Analytics. To remain competitive in the job market, experts or newcomers to the craft need to know and use new AI tools.  The use of AI increases productivity and efficiency in the practice of analytical craft while making it easier for beginners to enter the profession. Being able to use AI tools in IT Business Analysis thus adds to the necessary digital skills of every professional.

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Starting date: 17.09.2024

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Course duration: 2 days

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17.09.2024 In-person/Virtual 2 days cz/sk 830 EUR Register
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Course description

The aim of the course is to guide participants through the entire process of IT Business Analysis and its main techniques with a focus on the practical use of large language models such as ChatGPT and general generative AI in individual analytical activities. Participants will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the possibilities of existing AI technologies. During the exercise, try out practical techniques and procedures that will increase productivity and efficiency in analysis.



Target group


  • IT specialists who are considering retraining for the role of IT Business Analyst
  • IT Business Analysts, Business Architects, or Product Managers who strive to increase their qualifications in the analytical profession
  • in general, all roles that are involved in IT or Business Analysis and task preparation for developers both on projects and in agile teams


Course structure

Summary of IT Business Analysis procedure:

  • Enterprise Analysis: Motivation, Stakeholder Analysis, Process Modeling
  • Working with requirements: Eliciting, documenting and prioritizing requirements
  • Functional specification tools: Use-Case modeling, UX Prototypes,
  • Agile analysis techniques: Use-Stories, Work with Back-log, Product approach

Introducing the possibilities of large language models such as ChatGPT and other generative tools

  • Working with text
  • Working with diagrams
  • Working with data
  • Code work/scripts
  • Integration to other tools

Prompt Engineering minimum for Analysts

  • How large language models work
  • Best practices for writing prompts
  • Examples of effective “prompts”
  • Bots vs Agents

Practical exercise: IT Business Analysis with the use of AI from a business assignment for a functional design such as:

  • Preparation for the project/meeting – initial research
  • Preparation of templates, questionnaires and other tools for efficient work and professional methodology
  • Working with information: generating questions, looking for alternatives or inconsistencies
  • Creating drafts of textual and graphic outputs (processes, needs, requirements, user-stories, use-cases, UX prototypes or UML diagrams,…)
  • Improvement and quality assurance of outputs

Safe use of AI tools, or what not to be afraid of and what not to do.

Advanced practices and future trends

  • Creating CustomGPTs tailored for your team or project
  • The RAG technique and how to use it for project/product tailored conversations
  • How to launch and develop local language models for the next level of security
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