Introduction to SAS/ACCESS(R) Interface to Teradata

Course code: DIACTD

This course teaches you how to read Teradata tables in Teradata using the SAS 9.4 SAS/ACCESS Interface to Teradata. You learn how to connect to Teradata and to query a single Teradata table and multiple Teradata tables. You also learn efficiency techniques and options for optimizing data access performance.

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Course dates

Starting date: Upon request

Type: E-learning

Course duration: 7 hours

Language: en

Price without VAT: 360 EUR


Starting date: Upon request

Type: Upon request

Course duration: 7 hours

Language: en

Price without VAT: 600 EUR


Type Course
Language Price without VAT
Upon request E-learning 7 hours en 360 EUR Register
Upon request Upon request 7 hours en 600 EUR Register
G Guaranteed course

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Target group

SAS programmers who need to access data in Teradata from within SAS

Course structure


  • course logistics
  • overview of SAS/ACCESS software
  • overview of Teradata
  • connecting to Teradata

Using the SQL Pass-Through Facility

  • connecting to Teradata and investigating Teradata metadata

Using the SAS/ACCESS LBNAME Engine

  • using the LIBNAME statement for Teradata
  • using data set options
  • creating views
  • combining tables

Performance Considerations

  • improving performance with the LIBNAME statement

Base SAS In-Database Technology

  • overview of SAS In-database technology
  • using Base SAS procedures in Teradata
  • using SAS formats and user-defined formats in Teradata

Learning More

Appendix (Self-Study)

  • Introducing Teradata Parallel Transporter Application Programming Interface
  • loading data with FastLoad and MultiLoad


Before attending this course, you should be comfortable programming in SAS and Structured Query Language (SQL). You can gain this experience from the SAS SQL 1: Essentials course. You can gain knowledge of SAS from the SAS Programming 1: Essentials course. A working knowledge of Teradata is helpful.

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