Hyperledger Fabric for Developers (LFD272)

Course code: LFD272D

Hyperledger Fabric for Developers helps you build expertise and obtain practical skills in implementing business logic by writing chaincode – Fabric’s smart contracts – and creating enterprise blockchain-based applications.

In this course, you’ll learn how to implement and test a chaincode in Node.js for any use case, manage the chaincode life cycle, create Node.js client applications interacting with Hyperledger Fabric networks, control access to the information based on a user identity, set up and use private data collections and much more.

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Course dates

Starting date: Upon request

Type: Self-paced

Course duration: 365 days

Language: en

Price without VAT: 285 EUR


Type Course
Language Price without VAT
Upon request Self-paced 365 days en 285 EUR Register
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Target group

This course is designed for developers who want to master their skills in the Hyperledger Fabric chaincode and application development.


To best benefit from this course you should have:

  • Understanding of Hyperledger Fabric architecture and components: Ledger, Channel, Chaincode, types of network nodes (Endorser, Committer, Orderer, etc.), transaction flow, Certificate Authority (CA)
  • Experience with NodeJS:
    – Ability to install NodeJS, run applications from the cli; knowledge of basic language constructions; familiarity with package management
  • Knowledge of Docker basics:
    – Ability to install docker daemon, run docker containers locally, understand and use basic commands
  • Experience with the command line/shell of a Linux operating system
  • Familiarity with NoSQL databases and general understanding of CouchDB
  • We highly recommend that you first take the Introduction to Hyperledger Blockchain Technologies (LFS171x) MOOC which is free to audit on edX.

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