EDF Certified Data Visualization Professional Exam

Course code: DATAVDDEXAM

This is only the EDF Certified Data Visualization Professional Exam. The course that will prepare you for this exam is Data Visualisation and Dashboard design.

The Effective Data Foundation Data Visualization certification is part of the Effective Data Foundation portfolio. When candidates achieve the certificate and become an EDF Data visualization professional, they understand the components of data visualization and how to apply them in decision-making effectively.

The certificate is a testament to the candidates’ knowledge of visual perception, how to choose appropriate data visualizations, proper formatting, effective use of color, avoidance of common pitfalls, design of an effective grid and layout, and the importance of asking the right questions in each scenario.

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Type: Exam

Course duration: 1 hour

Language: en

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Course description

The following table is an overview of the topics examined in the certification exam.

#questions Level(s) of Cognition Category
1 2 3
9 Explore and Explain data

  • Describe the key properties of the Explore phase
  • Describe the key properties of the Explain phase
  • Recognize activities that belong to a specific phase
  • Describe the typical data forgeries
  • Describe the main steps in the data storytelling arc
12 Visual perception

  • Describe the key components of our visuals system
  • Describe the three types of memory
  • Describe the pre-attentive attributes
  • Describe the gestalt principles
  • Describe the systems of thinking
  • Describe the three essential components used to describe a data set
  • Describe the eight principal quantitative relations in data
  • Describe the difference between correlation and causation
  • Describe the need for context
18 How to visualize data

  • Recognize the need to answer the WHY question first
  • Describe the reasons for choosing a table
  • Describe the reasons for choosing a chart
  • Describe the reasoning for choosing a specific chart type: CHRTTS
15 Data visualization design

  • Recognize the need for visual hierarchy
  • Describe the techniques used to implement visual hierarchy
  • Describe the main building blocks of a data visualization
  • Describe the use of color
  • Recognize the power of layout and grids
  • Describe the key design choices per type of visual
6 Visualization workflow

  • Recognize the main questions to start the design process
  • Describe the approach with drawing and sketching
  • Recognize the Five Design Sheet method
  • Describe the supporting materials in your design process

Target group

This exam is developed for anyone who would like to understand and analyse data more quickly and communicate that data more clearly.

Course structure

Attempts per voucher: 1
Number of questions: 60
Passing score: 65%
Time: 60 minutes
Open-book: No
Language: English
Invigilation: None
Question type: Multiple choice


The Effective Data Foundation Data Visualization certificate is valid for two years.

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Data Visualisation and Dashboard design en

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