Dell PowerVault ME5 Installation and Administration

Course code: DELLPVME5

This course provides the knowledge and necessary skills to perform
installation, configuration, and day-to-day PowerVault administrative tasks.
Topics include storage provisioning, data protection, performance features,
alerts management, upgrade and expand procedures. This training also
includes simulations to enhance the learning experience.

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Course description

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the PowerVault ME5 series hardware features, including the ME5
    family of products and how they fit in the Dell Storage portfolio.
  • Describe the PowerVault ME5 series software features, including
    PowerVault Manager, the EZstart wizard, CLI, and REST API.
  • Unpack and rack ME5 series hardware.
  • Follow front-end cabling best practices.
  • Follow back-end cabling best practices.
  • Configure host setup for Windows, Linux, and ESXi hosts.
  • Configure ME5 using the EZstart wizard.
  • Create, and modify hosts and volumes in PowerVault Manager.
  • Manage local data protection, including working with snapshots and Full
    Disk Encryption.
  • Replicate data between local and remote ME5 systems or between ME4
    and ME5.
  • Locate performance metrics for ME5 in PowerVault Manager and CloudIQ.
  • Manage alerts and events in PowerVault Manager.
  • Upgrade ME5 firmware and roll back to a previous version of firmware.
  • Use CLI and REST API to manage and monitor an ME5 system.

Target group

This course is intended for professionals who will install, configure, manage,
and troubleshoot PowerVault ME5 Series products.

Course structure

  • PowerVault ME5 Hardware
    o Access PowerVault ME5 Documentation
    o Dell PowerVault ME5 Series
    o PowerVault ME5 Series Product Portfolio
    o PowerVault ME5 Series Family
    o PowerVault ME5 Series Scalability Options
    o PowerVault ME5012/ME412 Hardware
    o PowerVault ME5024/ME424 Hardware
    o PowerVault ME5084/ME484 Hardware
    o PowerVault ME484 5U Hardware
  • PowerVault ME5 Software
    o ADAPT and RAID
    o ME5 Management Options
    o PowerVault Manager Browser Requirements
    o Configure Wizard (EZstart)
    o Managing the PowerVault System
    o Practice Using PowerVault Manager
    o Using CLI
  • Unpack and Rack ME5 Series Hardware
  • Front-End Cabling
  • Back-End Cabling
  • Configure hosts
  • EZstart wizard
  • Provision Storage
  • Manage Local Data Protection
  • Manage Remote Data Protection
  • Managing Alerts


To understand the content and successfully complete this course, a student
must have a suitable knowledge of Server, Networking, Storage concepts,
and components.

Suggested prerequisite course:

  • Information Storage and Management (ISM)
  • PowerVault ME5 Concepts and Features

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