Creating Reports and Graphs with SAS(R) Enterprise Guide(R)

Course code: EGRG82

This course is intended for experienced SAS Enterprise Guide users who want to create customized reports and graphs. You learn how to use point-and-click tasks and wizards in SAS Enterprise Guide to generate and customize bar charts, summary tabular reports, histograms, box plots, map charts, scatter plots, and line plots. You also learn how to modify the task-generated SAS code to enhance these reports and graphs.

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Target group

Experienced SAS Enterprise Guide users who want to create complex reports and graphs using point-and-click methods and simple code modifications

Course structure

Getting Started

  • Course overview and logistics.
  • Preparing data.
  • Generating different output formats.

Generating Bar Charts

  • Using the Bar Chart Wizard.
  • Using the Bar Chart task.
  • Creating and applying custom formats.
  • Customizing bar chart code.

Building Summary Tabular Reports

  • Using the Summary Tables Wizard.
  • Using the Summary Tables task.
  • Enhancing results with summary tables properties.
  • Displaying percentages in summary tables.
  • Customizing summary tables code.
  • Computing new columns from report columns.

Picturing Distributions

  • Visualizing distributions.
  • Picturing distributions with tasks.

Producing Map Charts

  • Introduction to mapping.
  • Using the Map Chart task.
  • Customizing map charts.
  • Manipulating response data for complex maps.

Creating Scatter Plots and Line Plots

  • Using the Scatter Plot task.
  • Creating single line plots.
  • Creating overlaid line plots.


Before attending this course, you should have completed the SAS Enterprise Guide 1: Querying and Reporting course or have equivalent knowledge. SAS programming experience is not required.

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