Certified Information Privacy Manager

Course code: CIPM

CIPM training teaches a process for conceptualizing, designing, building and operating a data privacy management program. The curriculum, available in French, German and English, includes creating a company vision, structuring data protection teams, developing and implementing system frameworks, and measuring performance.
Make data privacy regulations work for your organization by understanding how to implement them in day-to-day operations. Learn to create a company vision, structure a data protection team, develop and implement system frameworks, communicate to stakeholders, measure performance and more.
The CIPM designation says that you’re a leader in privacy program administration and that you’ve got the goods to establish, maintain and manage a privacy program across all stages of its life cycle.

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The earliest date from 13.12.2023

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Course dates

Starting date: 13.12.2023

Type: Virtual

Course duration: 2 days

Language: en

Price without VAT: 1 695 EUR


Starting date: 24.01.2024

Type: Virtual

Course duration: 2 days

Language: en

Price without VAT: 1 695 EUR


Starting date: 28.02.2024

Type: Virtual

Course duration: 2 days

Language: en

Price without VAT: 1 695 EUR


Starting date: 27.03.2024

Type: Virtual

Course duration: 2 days

Language: en

Price without VAT: 1 695 EUR


Starting date: Upon request

Type: In-person/Virtual

Course duration: 2 days

Language: en/cz

Price without VAT: 1 695 EUR


Type Course
Language Price without VAT
13.12.2023 Virtual 2 days en 1 695 EUR Register
24.01.2024 Virtual 2 days en 1 695 EUR Register
28.02.2024 Virtual 2 days en 1 695 EUR Register
27.03.2024 Virtual 2 days en 1 695 EUR Register
Upon request In-person/Virtual 2 days en/cz 1 695 EUR Register
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Target group

Professionals responsible for integrating privacy requirements into day-to-day operations and those who are pursuing CIPM certification.

Course structure

Privacy Program Strategy Development

  • Identify privacy program manager responsibilities.
  • Manage risk throughout the data lifecycle.
  • Create a program framework.
  • Evaluate privacy technology vendors.
  • Understand governance, risk management, auditing and compliance.

Law and Strategy Alignment

  • Comprehend key global privacy data protection laws, regulations and standards.
  • Comply with cross-border data transfer regulations.
  • Respond to data subject requests.

Creating and Using Tools

  • Map and inventory data.
  • Use Privacy Impact Assessments and Data Protection Impact Assessments.
  • Accommodate privacy-related HR concerns.
  • Develop policies for privacy, information security, acceptable use, data retention and destruction.

Privacy by Design and Privacy Cultures

  • Understand the benefits inherent in proper privacy training.
  • Establish privacy training and awareness programs.
  • Implement and evaluate security, access and technical privacy controls.
  • Adopt privacy by design practices.

Incident Response

  • Distinguish security incidents from breaches.
  • Detect, investigate, report on and recover from data privacy breaches.

Program Monitoring, Measurement and Analysis

  • Know your audience.
  • Analyze four types of metrics.
  • Audit a privacy program in five phases.


The IAPP uses computer-based exams, which are administered through Pearson VUE testing centres at locations throughout the world. Available testing centres can be viewed upon scheduling an exam. You will receive your results immediately upon concluding your exam, and a confirmation print out will be provided by the testing centre. Exam results will update in the IAPP system after one business day.

  • Total number of questions: 90
  • Maximum allowed time: 2.5h
  • All results are placed on a common scale, ranging from 100 to 500. The passing score for all IAPP exams is 300 (which does not represent 50 percent). Typically, passing scores range between 65 and 80 percent correct, depending on the program and exam form.

You can reschedule an exam up to 48 hours prior to the exam start time. After that time, candidates must take their exam or forfeit all fees.

Here are our top five reasons to pursue your CIPM certification:

  1. The CIPM is the global industry standard in privacy programme management.
  2. Master the skills to establish, maintain and manage a privacy programme across all stages of its operational lifecycle.
  3. Bear the mark of a privacy leader who drives the culture of privacy within your organisation.
  4. Elevate your leadership profile among your colleagues.
  5. Secure the confidence that you have the essential tools and knowledge to boost your privacy programme and add value across your organisation in both the public and private sectors.

Additional Resources provided by the IAPP

Preparing for the exam – https://iapp.org/certify/prepare/
Maintaining your certification – https://iapp.org/certify/cpe/

Follow-up courses

Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/E) en en/cz

Vendor: IAPP

Area: Security

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1 695 EUR without VAT

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