Avamar Administration

Course code: AVADM

This course combines lecture, review questions and hands-on labs to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to administer, monitor, and troubleshoot EMC Avamar, including recommended best practices.

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Course structure

1. Avamar Fundamentals

  • Avamar Features and Functions
  • Avamar System Components
  • Avamar Processes and Backup Process Flow
  • Backing Up Virtual Machines, NDMP, Cluster, and Database Application Environments

2. Avamar Administration

  • Installing and Using Avamar Administrator Console
  • Installing Avamar Backup Client Software
  • Account Management
  • Using Client Manager

3. Avamar Backups

  • Scheduled Backups
  • On-Demand Backups
  • Configuring Avamar Desktop/Laptop
  • Managing and Monitoring Backup Activity

4. Performing Restores

  • Restoring Client Data
  • Client Server Recovery with Avamar

5. Using Enterprise Manager and Replication

  • Avamar Enterprise Manager
  • Avamar Replication

6. System Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Avamar Server Environment
  • Daily System Monitoring Tasks
  • Daily Avamar Server Maintenance Activities
  • Managing Avamar Server Capacity

7. Logs, Troubleshooting, and Reporting

In addition to lecture and demonstrations, this course includes hands-on labs to provide you with practical experience.

Lab 2-1: Install and Launch Avamar Administrator

Lab 2-2: Perform Avamar Account Management Tasks

Lab 2-3: Installing Avamar Client Software

Lab 3-1: Create Avamar Groups

Lab 3-2: On-demand Snap ups

Lab 3-3: Managing Backups

Lab 4-1: Running Restores

Lab 5-1: Using Avamar Enterprise Manager

Lab 5-2: Avamar Replication

Lab 6-1: Performing Daily System Monitoring Tasks

Lab 6-2: Using dpnctl

Lab 6-3: Daily Maintenance Activities

Lab 7-1: Exploring Avamar Processes and Logs

Lab 7-2: Running Standard and Custom Reports

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