ESM310 – ArcSight ESM 7.6 Advanced Administrator with Certified Expert Exam

Course code: ESM310CE

This course covers how to plan and install ArcSight ESM in Compact and Distributed Mode. You will also learn how to install and configure SmartConnectors, Forwarding Connectors, Syslog Connectors, customize ESM and the Console, configure Storage Groups, backup and restore ESM, and manage certificates.

The last day of class offers a hands-on exam. Passing the exam awards you with Certified Expert badge.

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Course description

This course provides you with techniques to proactively analyze and troubleshoot the ESM 7.0 Database and Manager to provide efficient services to your organization. This course shows you how to design and deploy hierarchical, fault tolerant manager implementations as well integration strategies between ArcSight ESM and other ArcSight appliances such as Logger, Connector Appliance, Command Center and the other ArcSight products.

Target group

This course is intended for Administrators who:

  • Install, maintain, and troubleshoot ESM components
  • Design and implement integrations between ArcSight ESM and other ArcSight appliances
  • Proactively investigate the health of the ESM CORRE environment

Course structure

Module 1: Introduction to ESM Components

  • Describe each of the ESM system components

Module 2: New Features

  • Describe the new product features introduced in ESM versions 2.x and 7.3.0

Module 3: ESM Distributed Components

  • Recognize where ESM fits within the ArcSight Architecture
  • Define each ESM operation modes,Compact and Distributed,and the issues ESM Distributed Mode comes to solve
  • Describe the ESM Distributed Mode components
  • Recognize the ArcSight Data Platform (ADP) and its components

Module 4: Installing ESM Distributed Mode

  • Plan System Hardware Requirements
  • Check Operating System Pre-Installation
  • Install
    • ESM Persistor Node
    • ESM Correlator Aggregator Node
  • Configure Integration of the Persistor Node
  • Add Correlator Aggregator Services
  • Configure
    • Message Bus Data and Control Instances from Persistor
    • Repository Instances from Persistor
    • Distributed Cache on Correlator Aggregators
  • Run Cert Admin Approveall
  • Start All Cluster Wide Services from Persistor Node

Module 5: Maintaining ESM Properties Files and Upgrades

  • Customize ArcSight ESM using Properties File
  • Prepare System for an Upgrade
  • Upgrade ESM
  • Upgrade the ESM Console

Module 6: Installing the ESM Console

  • Install the ESM Console
  • Customize the ESM Console
  • Describe Tools available in the ESM Console

Module 7: Installing SmartConnectors

  • Describe how Connectors collect,normalize,and cache events
  • Install and configure ArcSight SmartConnectors
  • Identify Connector Command Scripts
  • Describe how Connectors can be managed from an ESM Console,a Connector Appliance,or ArcSight Management Center

Module 8: Managing the Network Model

  • List Network Model resources
  • Describe Asset Model resources
  • Add the following modelling resources:
    • Assets
    • Asset Ranges
    • Zones
    • Network and attach it to a connector
  • Import Zone and Asset information with the Network Model wizard
  • Explain the use of the Asset Import Connector

Module 9: Configuring SmartConnector Destinations

  • Get SmartConnector Status
  • Set SmartConnector Flow-Control
  • Use SmartConnector Administrative Dashboards
  • Configure SmartConnectors for
    • Failover Destination
    • Dual Destinations

Module 10: Installing the ESM Super and Syslog Connectors

  • Install and configure a Forwarding Connector
  • Install and configure a Syslog connector

Module 11: SmartConnectors Configurations and Advanced Features

  • Configure SmartConnectors using advanced features such as turbo mode,map files,event filtering,network options and event aggregation
  • Construct advanced configuration settings for optimal performance and data enrichment

Module 12: Command Center

  • Log onto the ArcSight Command Center
  • Identify functions and navigate the User Interface
  • Use the ArcSight Command Center Help Facility
  • Configure
    • Authentication
    • Content
    • Storage
    • Appliances,
  • Identify stock content dashboards

Module 13: ESM Backup and Restore

  • Restore the ESM Manager’s configurations
  • Back up and restore ESM
  • Describe CORR-E Daily Job Archiving

Module 14: Certificate Management

  • Describe uses of SSL technology in ArcSight ESM
  • Describe SSL setup options
    • keytool/keytoolgui
    • certadmin
  • Identify the steps to deploy:
    • Self-signed Certificates
    • Approve/revoke distributed mode Certificates
    • CA (Certificate Authority)-signed Certificates


To be successful in this course,you should have the following prerequisites or knowledge:

  • Knowledge of ESM Concepts
  • (Minimum) 6 Months ArcSight Administration Experience
  • Database SQL statements experience
  • Linux Administration experience
  • Successful Completion of ArcSight ESM Administrator & Analyst Course or Equivalent Experience

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