The Education Support for children

5. 6. 2019

Dear customers,

we would like to support education and you can help us with it.

It’s easy! Join our LinkedIn. You will be rewarded with up-to-date information on new IT courses, webinars and seminars, and other interesting IT topics.

For each new follower (who joins by November 30), we will donate 2 EUR to educate children in the Fond ohrožených dětí.   

We started with 107 followers and the number is growing!


Klokánek is a facility for children who need immediate help in a threatening or crisis situation.

The founder is the non-profit organization Fund of Children at Risk.

In the Klokánek facility, they take care of children completely in all aspects, both materially and therapeutically with the help of a psychologist and therapist. She is also trying to invest a lot in the education of children, but in some areas of children’s education there is a lack of funding for school books and aids, training courses and more.


We believe that together we will be able to provide children with better education.

Thank you for helping us.

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