The biggest struggles with language learning in businesses

21. 7. 2022

Allowing employees to learn a foreign language as a benefit is nothing new today. Very often, people are self-motivated because they simply want to improve their English or another foreign language. In addition to employees, motivation also comes from the employer. Having people in the company who can speak and write English well is a must have nowadays. So where is the problem? After all, all you have to do is find a tutor, select students from among the employees, and the journey to better English can begin. Unfortunately, it is not that simple and there are many obstacles.

Time and flexibility

It can sometimes be a superhuman feat to arrange lessons to suit everyone. Some lessons do manage to be planned, but then they have to be canceled at the last minute due to time constraints. If the lessons last more than an hour, the motivation of the employees drops considerably. Thanks to the events of the last two years, we have already become accustomed to the fact that flexibility is the basis, and this also applies to teaching English.


Although English is the same for everyone, each person has slightly different needs, learning skills and works in different departments. If several people from sales gather in the classroom, then employees from HR, a colleague from marketing and another colleague from the accounting department, the teaching will not be effective at all, because each area is specific and needs to know a different vocabulary.


Probably the biggest difficulty with language training in companies is that it is very difficult to measure. What progress did the students make, how much time did they spend on English and what words did they learn? This information is really difficult for HR to obtain. It is difficult to evaluate what the teaching actually brought. How does the company verify that such an investment was profitable and effective?

Try the Voxy learning platform

An alternative to live lessons is of course English learning apps that solve most of these problems. The Voxy web and mobile platform is based on micro-learning, which proves to be the best form of learning for adults, where classic lessons last only 5-10 minutes. Voxy also works on the principle of artificial intelligence. Thus, it adapts the student’s learning path according to his interests, focus and goals he wants to achieve in English. All lessons are based on real media, articles and blogs from sources like BBC News, Bloomberg, NY Times, etc. There are more than 25,000 available on the platform and new ones are added every day.

In addition to interactive lessons from various fields, Voxy also offers grammar and vocabulary practice. The app also allows you to attend group lessons with native speakers, attended by students from all over the world with the same language level. During the week, more than 1,000 lessons on various topics will take place in groups of about 5 students.

Last but not least, on the platform you will also find the option of separate consultations with a lecturer, which can again be arranged individually. And of course, all the data on the progress in learning English is clearly and graphically available to you. The entire platform is excellently user-friendly, clear and easy to use.

If you are interested in the platform and would like to get to know it more, visit this page or contact us via e-mail: edu@edutrainings.cz.

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