Contribution to employee training for companies operating in the territory of the Czech Republic!

Dotácia obrázok CZ


THE MINISTRY OF LABOR AND SOCIAL AFFAIRS OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC has launched a new project called “NPO – Digi POVEZ”, through which you as a company can apply for a financial subsidy for the education of your employees. The subsidy applies only to courses in the field of information technology and Industry 4.0.

For a subsidy can apply: 

  • business corporation,
  • self-employed persons,
  • state and national enterprises,
  • legal entities established by special law performing business activities,
  • non-governmental non-profit organization,
  • municipality, region and voluntary union of municipalities,
  • ecclesiastical legal entity,
  • contributory organizations of territorial self-governing units,
  • professional, business and trade union associations and unions,
  • employer and trade unions,
  • association of citizens,
  • association of enterprises,
  • interest associations of legal entities,
  • associations,
  • Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic and Agrarian Chamber of the Czech Republic,
  • professional chambers,
  • unions of production and consumer cooperatives,
  • cooperatives.

Subsidies cannot participate:

  • entities that received public support in projects within the framework of thematic challenges focused on education in companies,
  • schools and school facilities,
  • entities that are organizational components of the state and state contribution organizations,
  • employees who forge work on the basis of a work execution agreement,
  • employees who are not citizens of EU member states.

Course length:

The minimum length of the educational program is 16 hours and the maximum is 80 hours.

Amount of contributions:

The wage allowance is in the amount of 272.13 CZK per man-hour.

The education allowance is in the amount of 263.98 CZK per man-hour.

The subsidy is paid on the basis of submitted documents after the end of the educational program.

It is possible to apply for the subsidy from April 2024 to September 2025 online through the web application at

If you have any questions or need help with the entire process, please contact us at Do you live in Slovakia? A similar program works here too!

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