Shot of a corporate businessperson giving a presentation in the boardroom.
Shot of a corporate businessperson giving a presentation in the boardroom.

Presentation design of the future


Impress with great visualization

Do you remember that feeling of futility when a colleague switched a slide at a meeting and another one appeared, practically identical, only it contained even more text, incomprehensible graphs or other data that you don’t even have time to read? And the little numbers lit up in the footer showing that there were still 20 left? A presentation is a very powerful tool to promote your ideas, leave a strong impression or sell the products you offer. The problem with “standard” presentations is not PowerPoint, but the way we think about presentations. Creating engaging presentations is easier than you think. Learn it and the audience will be yours. Bring your laptop (ideally with PowerPoint) and the presentation you’ve been preparing to the training session. We will work with her so that you can try for yourself how to create modern presentations.

Key themes:
  • you will learn the basic principles of graphic slide creation
  • scientific research and what we can take from it
  • working with images, contrast and empty space
  • tips for data visualization using tables and graphs movement on the slides or when the animation is on and when it is not
  • streamlining work with PowerPoint
  • gadgets for working with presentation software
  • advanced graphics procedures in PowerPoint
  • font sizes, bullet points and their variability
  • visualization of schemes and processes
  • corporate templates, logos and predefined formats
  • specific ideas and recommendations for future creation
  • feedback on presentations from practice

Course benefits:

  • a new look at presentations and the process of their creation
  • you will learn the basic principles of graphic slide creation
  • you will take away specific ideas and recommendations for future creation
  • we’ll show you the tricks for working with presentation software
  • we eliminate clutter and move your presentations into the new century
  • you will master the art of selling your idea in a way other than a described slide
  • you will get many tips to get inspiration for creating your presentations

Course dates:

Starting date Place Type Course duration Language Price without VAT
21.6.2024 Prague In-Person 1 day CZ 340 EUR

The course is delivered in collaboration with company Top Vision.

If you are interested in group training or another topic, please do not hesitate to contact us at

How do we prepare courses?

Step 1

We identify your needs, help you define your training objectives and design a training concept. We work with management, client to develop the program and content.

  • Questionnaire of participant expectations.
  • Discussion with management, their expectations.
  • Mystery shopping – as needed.

Step 2

In the training we make maximum use of and combine or own experience, case studies and model situations with the experience of the participants. According to the needs we combine and choose the forms of training.

  • Workshop format.
  • Interactive training format.
  • Group coaching format.

Step 3

The success of the program is demonstrated by putting the new skills into practice. We work with management in this transformation.

  • Evaluation questionnaires.
  • Final reports.
  • Evaluation meeting with management, client.

Are you interested in a tailor-made course?

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