Osobní typologie
Osobní typologie

Personal typology – communication

What is the goal?

You will learn about your strengths and opportunities for personal and professional development, find out what can annoy you in others, learn how to communicate better at work and at home. You will receive printed results of your own possible personality type. The semiar is based on a typology questionnaire that participants fill out online in advance.

Key topics

  • Self-knowledge in the role of a manager
  • Knowing yourself from four perspectives:
    • where we get our energy
    • how we get our information
    • how we perceive reality
    • how we relate to the world in terms of action and results
  • Working with the results of the typology questionnaire.
  • What personality type am I and how do I manage the differences of others?
    • what type of personality am I
    • how to estimate others
    • how to deal with different people
    • how to tune in and define myself
  • Practical application to the workplace
  • Z – decision-making model

How do we prepare courses?

Step 1

We identify your needs, help you define your training objectives and design a training concept. We work with management, client to develop the program and content.

  • Questionnaire of participant expectations.
  • Discussion with management, their expectations.
  • Mystery shopping – as needed.

Step 2

In the training we make maximum use of and combine or own experience, case studies and model situations with the experience of the participants. According to the needs we combine and choose the forms of training.

  • Workshop format.
  • Interactive training format.
  • Group coaching format.

Step 3

The success of the program is demonstrated by putting the new skills into practice. We work with management in this transformation.

  • Evaluation questionnaires.
  • Final reports.
  • Evaluation meeting with management, client.

Are you interested in a tailor-made course?

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