Communication is key
Communication is key

Effective communication


How to communicate so that we ourselves and those around us feel better? Need to reveal what you’re saying with your body language?

In two days we will remove verbal padding and distracting body signals. We will practice assertive reactions and techniques in conflicts. We will identify manipulators in your area, learn the principles of communication in stressful and stressful situations.

Key themes:

  • what body language reveals about us and how to break down disturbing signals of non-verbal communication
  • self-confident acting and self-presentation training (camera) – how to increase verbal readiness and eliminate verbal “salad”
  • rules of effective listening and questioning techniques
  • diagnosis of one’s own style of behavior in tense situations
  • assertive rights, techniques and  principles
  • training of adequate self-assertion in specific challenging situations
  • typology of manipulators
  • anti-manipulative techniques
  • Assertive criticism – practicing constructive communication of negative feedback
  • managing negative aggressive or passive reactions
  • assertive praise – how to give and receive it
  • the art of saying “NO” without guilt
  • principles of constructive communication in conflict situations
  • types, stages and course of conflicts
  • self-diagnosis of conflict resolution strategy – what we can do and when we fail
  • communication in a leadership position (when a team member becomes a boss)
  • MBTI test: each participant receives his personality typology profile

Course benefits:

  • through practical training, we will determine unwanted and unconfident expressions in your non-verbal and verbal communication
  • thanks to the typology of manipulators, you will quickly learn to recognize them and use anti-manipulative strategies
  • with the help of a camera, we diagnose passive or aggressive signals in your behavior
  • training for solving tense situations with assertive techniques
  • thanks to the MBTI method, you will find out your personality type and know how to further work on yourself
  • high tempo and interactivity thanks to audiovisual techniques

Course dates:

Starting date Place Type Course duration Language Price without VAT
9.5.2024 Prague In-Person 2 days CZ 509 EUR
3.6.2024 Prague In-Person 2 days CZ 509 EUR
10.6.2024 Ostrava In-Person 2 days CZ 509 EUR
5.9.2024 Brno In-Person 2 days CZ 509 EUR

The course is delivered in collaboration with company Top Vision.

If you are interested in group training or another topic, please do not hesitate to contact us at

How do we prepare courses?

Step 1

We identify your needs, help you define your training objectives and design a training concept. We work with management, client to develop the program and content.

  • Questionnaire of participant expectations.
  • Discussion with management, their expectations.
  • Mystery shopping – as needed.

Step 2

In the training we make maximum use of and combine or own experience, case studies and model situations with the experience of the participants. According to the needs we combine and choose the forms of training.

  • Workshop format.
  • Interactive training format.
  • Group coaching format.

Step 3

The success of the program is demonstrated by putting the new skills into practice. We work with management in this transformation.

  • Evaluation questionnaires.
  • Final reports.
  • Evaluation meeting with management, client.

Are you interested in a tailor-made course?

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