E book Red Hat
E book Red Hat

Red Hat OpenStack: Free e-book

19. 5. 2018

As an official Red Hat Training Reseller Partner for the Czech and Slovak Republic we offer you a free “Maximaze your cloud evaluation” e-book that gives a great overview on Red Hat OpenStack Platform product.

As business competition and disruption increase across industries, IT organizations are challenged to respond faster to new, growing, and fast-changing customer demands. An OpenStack cloud environment can provide agility and speed, but not all OpenStack distributions can meet the additional demands of production-grade deployment, performance, scalability, and security. Red Hat® OpenStack® Platform can.

This e-book provides an overview of select features, functionality, and use cases for Red Hat® OpenStack® Platform, answering what?, why?, and how? for each topic. Each section is independent, so you can use the table of contents to skip to sections that most interest you.


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