27. 8. 2019

We offer Professional Scrum trainings with licensed trainer Karel Smutny.

These are:

Professional Scrum Master (PSM)

Professional Scrum Master is the cutting-edge 2-day course on key aspects of Scrum, its principles, empirical process and the role of Scrum Master. It combines instruction and interactive exercises where you are put into difficult real-life situations without a single correct answer and in groups look for solutions using Scrum values, so that you can handle such situation in your everyday practice.

A worldwide recognized certification assessment Professional Scrum Master I is included.

The nearest training date is 12.-13.11.2019                                                 




Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II)

Professional Scrum Master II (PSM-II) is a 2-day advanced class for practicing Scrum Masters to support their further professional development.

Unlike the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) course which focuses on how to use Scrum, the Scrum framework and the role of the Scrum Master, PSM II is an advanced course helping students to understand the stances that characterize an effective Scrum Master and servant-leader while diving deep into how they serve the Development Team, Product Owner and organization. The course then teaches students about related practices and skills to enable them to have the right types of conversations and how to apply them to become better Scrum Masters.

                                                   A worldwide recognized certification assessment Professional Scrum Master II is included.

                                                  The nearest training date is 26.-27.11.2019 

                                                   COURSE DETAILS



Why courses from

Professional Scrum Trainers are professionals licensed by, a training and certification organization founded by Ken Schwaber, co-author of Scrum. They are skilled in software development and/or product management. They are experts in Scrum and have extensive experience applying, leading, teaching, and coaching it. They have been servant-leaders at an organizational level. They are active in local agile and software development communities, as well as the broader global agile and Scrum movements.

Training materials are created and supervised by Ken Schwaber himself and maintained and constantly improved by the whole community of around 300 Professional Scrum Trainers across the world. Every trainer brings their own style and experience, but all trainers use the same materials to deliver consistent experience.

Our courses are delivered by Karel Smutný, Enterprise Agile Coach and Professional Scrum Trainer™ (PST) at Karel has almost 10 years of experience helping companies with Scrum adoptions

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