PRINCE2 participants’ Frequently Asked Questions

5. 8. 2019

PRINCE2® (Projects IN Controlled Environments 2) is clearly the most popular methodology among project managers, which increases efficiency, expands knowledge, provides practical guidance and skills needed for successful project implementation. It helps not only to project management but also to teams.

We asked lecturer Jan Hospes to answer frequently asked questions of PRINCE2 participants.


  1. Where did the PRINCE2 methodology come from?
    This methodology was developed on the basis of an older project management methodology in the field of information technology called PROMPT II, used by the UK administration. In 1996 it was renamed PRINCE2 and started to be used more commercially. After successful adaptation, it expanded from IT projects
    to project management in general.
  2. Which are the advantages of PRINCE2?
    PRINCE2 can be easily adapted to different projects and environments. It is a clearly defined framework with roles, responsibilities, policies and processes that are easy to learn and use.
    The PRINCE2 methodology is very flexible and its use is growing rapidly. In some countries it is almost mandatory to be certified in PRINCE2 as a project manager, often due to public sector requirements.
  3. On which projects can use the methodology?
    The methodology will help you manage both small and large projects equally well. A huge advantage is that it is modular. PRINCE2 is technology and industry neutral. It is applicable to both IT and NonIT projects and works great in any industry or industry.
  4. What is the focus of the PRINCE2 2017 update?
    PRINCE2 2017 is the first major update since 2009. PRINCE2 2017 update add new insights and show examples of customizing the methodology. That is why the methodology structure
    has been preserved, so you can still find 7 Principles, 7 Processes and 7 Topics. However, a number of agile elements have been newly added and more emphasis is placed on:

    • adapt the methodology to practical needs

    • tailoring (project adaptation to a specific environment)

    • a clearer link between themes and principles

    • practical application of project management principles with examples and recommendations

  5. Is it possible to expect another version of PRINCE3 after the update?
    This is not the first step to PRINCE3. PRINCE2 methodology is based on the original PRINCE project management method. The 2017 update does not change the proven model 7 Principles, Processes and Themes of Project Management.
  6. What is the time limit of certification PRINCE2?
    The PRINCE2 Foundation certification is valid for life, which none of the other certifications offers yet. For a higher level – PRINCE2 Practitioner applies similar principles as for other certifications. The certification must be renewed after 3 years.

Other questions about the methodology PRINCE2 we will be happy to answer on our trainings. You can visit the guaranteed PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation course, which takes place on August 12, 2019 in Prague.

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