We support young athletes

14. 5. 2024

A healthy mind in a healthy body! That’s why we like to support young athletes.

The wisdom that was used by the ancient Romans and later by M. Tyrš, the founder of Sokol, is still relevant today.

Without a healthy and resilient body, we cannot achieve mental progress, which is closely related to the ability to continuously learn. An important aspect that sport brings is endurance and mental resilience. Thus, through training, young athletes learn the right habits at an early age. They will benefit from them throughout their private and professional lives. Sports and education are inextricably linked.

We were pleased that, as the main sponsor of the 1st round of the JIPAST Slovak Cup in gymnastics for the youngest pupils, organized by the Prievidza Gymnastics Sports Center, we could be a part of it and had the opportunity to support young competitors to their best performances.

The competition was held on April 13, 2024 in Prievidza under the supervision of the Slovak Gymnastics Federation. Take a look at our photo gallery and see how we had fun with the students. Congratulations to all participants for their excellent performance. The whole day was spent in the spirit of fair play and maximum concentration on the result. We apply the same approach to education in our company EDU Trainings.

However, a happy life cannot be based only on sports. Education is food for the soul. And you don’t even have to look for a university of the third age. Just take the time to listen to a language course before bed or take an online course that will develop your skills. Nowadays, you really have a lot to choose from. If you find the right balance between physical and mental activity, then you will benefit from new experiences during the day and you will be much more resistant to unexpected events and stress.


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