PeopleCert has introduced a new version of PRINCE2® 7!

12. 9. 2023

PeopleCert, global leader in best practices for IT service and project management, announces the release of PRINCE2® 7, the latest update to the globally recognized and respected project management method. PRINCE2® 7 will continue to offer a scalable approach to project management, focusing on the flexibility and adaptability that today’s rapidly changing digital environment demands. This update has been designed for all professionals, including those aspiring to become project managers or already experienced in the field, using simpler language and content.

Key new features of PRINCE2® 7:

  1. Universal applicability: PRINCE2® 7 is relevant to all professionals, not just project managers. The project-focused approach can be adopted by those involved in project activities in any industry.
  2. Latest advice on artificial intelligence (AI): PRINCE2® 7 integrates the latest advice on artificial intelligence (AI), enabling projects to use the predictive and analytical capabilities of AI to manage projects effectively and innovatively.
  3. Emphasis on people management: PRINCE2® 7 prioritizes effective people management and the importance of human capital to project success, enabling teams to excel and deliver exceptional results.
  4. Increased flexibility and customization: because every project is unique, PRINCE2® 7 provides increased flexibility and customization options to tailor the framework to the specific requirements of your project.
  5. Embracing digital and data management: in an increasingly digital world, PRINCE2® 7 equips you with the tools to effectively use digital technologies and manage data, ensuring your projects are always one step ahead in the digital era.
  6. Incorporating sustainability into project performance. PRINCE2® 7 incorporates sustainable practices that look at environmental and social responsibility.
  7. Compatibility with Agile, Lean and ITIL: The adaptability of PRINCE2® 7 extends to its compatibility with other popular methods such as Agile, Lean and ITIL, ensuring seamless integration to improve project performance.

And when can you look forward to the preparation courses for this new version of PRINCE2® 7?

We are currently working to enable you to prepare for the new version of the certification as soon as possible. If you’re interested in learning more about the newly released PRINCE2® 7, check out the information on the official PeopleCert website. We’ll keep you posted on more news about PRINCE2® certifications and courses!

PRINCE2® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited, used with permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

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