Our webinars take a summer break

21. 6. 2022

Are you going somewhere on vacation this summer? We believe so! While education comes first, it is also important to be able to relax and unwind. That’s why we decided to take a summer break with our free webinars. We are currently preparing an autumn series of webinars for you, which we will publish during the summer, so that you can decide in advance which webinars you will want to attend.

If you miss education, in addition to our classic technical and soft skills courses, we have also published a recording of 3 webinars that had the greatest response among you. Remind yourself of “Communication and negotiating in difficult situations” and “Life with (or without) technology. Be digital or is it better to be disconnected?”.

Communication and negotiating in difficult situations

Have you ever needed to communicate with somebody who was somewhat “difficult” person? Have you ever been in situation when you needed to solve some complicated, unpleasant matter at work? That’s the aim of our webinar. We would like to show you some useful techniques how to handle communication in difficult working situations (to fire somebody, pass unpleasant information, personal conflicts at workplace etc.). Apart from communication skills, you also find out about some basic techniques which are generally recommended by professional negotiators. Techniques which help you to reach compromise or victory in negotiation process – but still with respect to the needs of your communication partner.

Life with (or without) technology. Be digital or is it better to be disconnected?

Is the IT world something incomprehensible and impenetrable to you? Do you not understand the abbreviations your IT colleagues use? The world of zeros and ones is not as complicated as it seems. We IT people are also human with our needs and motivations. Or do you avoid all technology and would rather cut off and get disconnected? Do you know how to do it? Is it even possible today? What is better? Using technology or being offline? We will get answers to these questions and together we will look into the IT world. You will see how it works, you will get instructions on how to work successfully with IT guys. But let’s talk about the flip side as well – how to disconnect. You will get quite a few specific tips and tricks on how to maintain digital balance in our online times.

We look forward to seeing you at the next free webinars in the fall. Enjoy the summer!

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