New ISTQB® CTFL 2018 syllabus

1. 7. 2018

The ISTQB® (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) releases new Certified Tester Foundation Level 2018 (CTFL) Syllabus. Foundation Level is core to the ISTQB® Certified Tester Scheme providing essential understanding and knowledge to anyone involved in testing.

The new 2018 core foundation syllabus refreshes the terminology and standards of testing; the updates reflect market feedback and the current state of the software testing industry. The knowledge base has been updated with more emphasis on practical use and relevancy in the market.

Download the Foundation Level Syllabus 2018

Certification candidates should prepare for the certification exam based on new learning objectives. Within 12 months from 4th June 2018, all English language 2011 syllabus exams will be withdrawn. Within 18 months from 4th June 2018, all non-English language 2011 syllabus exams will be withdrawn. The syllabus 2018 as well as the examination questions will be translated into Czech and Slovak language by the Czech and Slovak Testing Board (CaSTB), which represents the ISTQB® as a Member Board in the Czech and the Slovak Republic.

About ISTQB®

International Software Testing Qualifications Board is a globally recognized software testing certification organization established in 2002 and registered in Belgium. This nonprofit association creates a community of professional software testers through internationally recognized testing and certification standards. It currently consists of 58 member organizations with coverage in 82 countries, with more than 300 accredited training providers worldwide and over 570,000 certifications.

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