Microsoft Official Courseware On-Demand is coming to the end

8. 7. 2019

What does it mean Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC) On-Demand?

The Official Microsoft foundation courses you can take online from your home or office. After purchasing and activating a license, you will have access (for 90 days) to expert texts, educational videos, and practical exercises. You can repeatedly try labs and prepare for the test.

All MOC-On Demand courses will be retiring. The 90-day course you can buy to 30th December 2019.

There is no change to any courses purchased prior to these dates. This means that any course and associated hosted labs purchased prior to these dates will continue to be supported through their license key activation and student use period. The final student use expiry date for all courses that are not already retired will be 30th September 2020.

This type of training can be ordered from us by the end of December 2019, choose from the MOC On-Demand training offer.

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