Invitation to Scrum breakfast

6. 8. 2019

Scrum has been around for more than 25 years now and has been adopted by so many teams and companies across the world, that
no one objects to its vast benefits in developing complex products, especially software based.

Yet, many still struggle with taking Scrum beyond its simple mechanics of Sprints and dailies. “We talk to each other more, we know who’s doing what, we have more feedback from our users. But we have so many dependencies. We can’t test our product every Sprint. Our users and stakeholders do not attend our Sprint Reviews. After we fixed the obvious things, there weren’t many useful outcomes from our Retrospectives, so we stopped doing them.”


Three secret ingredients for a successful Scrum adoption.

So that Scrum can give you more than this, three key ingredients need to be in place (beyond scheduling Scrum meetings in team’s calendar and naming the JIRA guy a Scrum Master).

During the Scrum Breakfast Karel Smutný will share with you what “secret” ingredients he has found during his 10 years of experience working on Scrum adoptions and agile transformations with his clients. They all revolve around responsibilities:

  1. What is Product Owner’s responsibility? It’s more than writing user stories.
  2. What is Development Team’s responsibility? It’s more than writing code.
  3. What is Scrum Master responsibility? It’s more than chasing teams to Daily Scrum.
  4. And how do management responsibilities change?

Karel is one of the most experienced Scrum Masters on Czech market, long time agile practitioner and coach, software developer and Professional Scrum Trainer with He’s an expert in Scrum Patterns, Large Scale Scrum and Extreme Programming.

This event is also an official kick-off of Scrumvember, a festival of Professional Scrum awareness, biggest event of its kind in Czech Republic. 


Are you interested? Visit EDU Trainigs and enjoy FREE Scrum breakfast for agile enthusiasts.

Date  10th September, 2019
Time  9:00 – 11:30
Location  Pracovna, Vlkova 628/36, Žižkov, 130 00 Praha 3
Language  english
Who should attend  IT managers, Scrum Masters, Product managers, Product Owners and other roles working closely with Scrum teams.
Price  FREE


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