Invitation to DevOps simulation

30. 10. 2019

DevOps Simulation is an interactive workshop that demonstrates the business value and positive impact of DevOps. You will try
the principles and recognize the benefits of using DevOps in a unique experience. Simulation does not require knowledge of methodology, everything is demonstrated on practical examples.

Simulation benefits:

  • Accelerates deployment and customization of DevOps across your organization.
  • The best way to convey benefits through hands-on examples and engage everyone involved in joint development and building
    a high-performance DevOps team.
  • It turns opponents of this approach into advocates.
  • The Development and Operations teams work together as a high-performance team. Collaboration will be faster, increasing satisfaction and efficiency.


How does the simulation work?

The simulation is realized in 3 rounds.

  1. CHAOS

In one of your assigned roles, you will transform your team from chaos into a powerful cross-functional division using DevOps best practice. Whether you are a Business, Development, Test, QA, or Operation position. Your goal will be to launch new products, while internal and external influences are constantly changing conditions and need to be responded.

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DevOps Simulation is suitable for:

  • Operations teams
  • Development teams
  • Managers interested in the potential of DevOps
  • Suppliers and clients of IT products / services
  • Thou who are involved in roles and services, or processes


We supply the simulation in cooperation with G2G3.

Date: 12.12. 2019 (9:00 – 17:00)
Location: City Conference Center, Na strži 65/1702, Prague 4
Language: English
Lecturer: Jaro Tomik (Channel Manager at G2G3)
Price per person: 196 EUR excl. VAT 
Standard price per person: 510 EUR excl. VAT

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