How to overcome fear and finally start facing change?

4. 10. 2022

We fear change much more often than we are willing to admit to ourselves. But we are not always aware of what we are afraid of. Often times we just know that we are afraid to move on.

The things we want in life – whether it’s a job, a relationship, money, a house, freedom, good health, social recognition, education or mental toughness – we can’t wait. Without the effort and motivation to achieve the thing, we could not thrive on the joy it gives us when we receive it. Change is often our motivation.

Changes are natural, whether we expect them or not. And they often surprise us. However, new thoughts and opinions will lead us to a new way of behaving. When we change what we believe, we also change what we do.

We may believe that change will harm us and may resist it. Or we can believe that acceptance will help us welcome change. It all depends on what we believe. A certain degree of fear is necessary because it protects us from real danger. However, our fear of change is mostly irrational and prevents us from adapting when necessary. Don’t be afraid of adventure and step towards change!

Should I end a dysfunctional relationship (marriage) and seek a change? Or change the behavior that caused this situation? Start thinking simpler and better. This allows you to build a new relationship with the same partner.

Am I unhappy at work? Instead of looking for a new job, I should be helping my company change. If I had done that, tried to do that, I would probably have a fulfilling dream job today.

What do you desire? What do you really want? What do you dream about and have deep in your heart? And what’s stopping you from going after it? It’s fear, concern.

What we fear is really not as bad as what we imagine. The fear we allow to paralyze our minds is worse than the actual situations that arise.

We feel best when we are moving forward. Step in a new direction. Take a step towards change. Relax and trust what is waiting for you even if you don’t know what it is. When you overcome fear, you set yourself free. Any joyful image of something you seek will lead you to it.

The sooner you let go of your old life, the sooner you find a new one.

The fastest way to change is to laugh at our own stupidity – then we can free ourselves from everything and start a new direction.

So how to react to changes:

  • We can be more flexible and make decisions faster.
  • We don’t have to complicate everything and have unnecessary worries.
  • Let’s adapt faster.
  • The biggest obstacle is within ourselves and nothing will improve until we ourselves change!

Author: Anna Beňadiková, Operations Manager EDU Trainings

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