How do you work with Excel? Save time and work more efficiently!

19. 10. 2022

Can you work with Excel? A common interview question for a new job.

“I have user-level knowledge.” “I use MS Excel, I will study any special functions when needed.” “I have no problem using it.”

How would you answer? Would your answer be one of the above?

And where is the real reality of your knowledge, for example, in a situation where you have to clean up duplicate records in a client contact database, or you need to work with multiple tabs and link them with formulas? Alternatively, edit the given patterns? And how about working with pivot tables and graphs?

MS Excel as an underrated assistant

Excel can be a great helper (not only at work). It will help you plan your school schedule with extracurricular activities. It balances your work responsibilities with yoga or spinning classes. It will keep your family budget in order and show where you spend the most and where you can save. It will be your reliable colleague when recording stock, calculating prices, levies or taxes. It will provide you with comfort when creating templates and calculations. In addition, all data and calculations will be graphically displayed and made clear.

Even though it can be such a helpful and comprehensive program, we often do not use its full potential. We know its functions only superficially. You are probably discovering its connections and shortcuts as an Excel self-taught by trial and error or stumble upon them by accident, which is a great shame.

Invest your time in learning effective ways to work with Excel. Significantly advance your knowledge and fill in the gaps that can save you up to 10 minutes of your work every day. This will give you a great competitive advantage on the labor market or the possibility of developing more interesting projects in your current job.

Find all MS Excel tips and tricks online. Have stamina and determination. You will discover a wide range of its effective use. Invest your finances in your education or ask your employer for it and take certified training at the training center. The benefit of such training is even greater when you realize the fact that you can use the knowledge in your work tomorrow. Compared to studying literature or videos that would take you much more time.

Author: Anna Beňadiková, Operations Manager at EDU Trainings

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