Experienced lecturers, flexibility and practical examples. How do graduates rate our ITIL courses?

9. 3. 2023

Our ITIL courses are designed to help individuals and organizations optimize their IT service management practices. By following the set of best practices outlined in ITIL, organizations can improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. After each training, we ask for feedback from our customers and graduates. In this article, we decided to summarize them so that you know what you can expect from the course!

1. Practical approach

Customers have praised the ITIL courses for being well structured and providing practical examples to help them understand the concepts. The courses are taught by our experienced trainers who share real-world scenarios, making it easier for students to apply ITIL principles in their organizations.

2. Meeting expectations

Customers have reported that ITIL courses have met or exceeded their expectations. In-depth training covers fundamental topics such as service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation and continuous service improvement. The comprehensive nature of the course ensures that individuals have a thorough understanding of ITIL principles.

3. Interactive teaching

ITIL courses offer an interactive learning experience. Instructors encourage participants to ask questions, share their experiences, and engage in group discussions. This collaborative approach is praised by graduates as it improves the learning process and helps to better understand more complex concepts.

4. Flexibility

ITIL courses can be taken in a classroom or online, giving students the flexibility to choose their preferred learning method. Online courses have the advantage of saving time and additional company training costs.

5. Course content

ITIL courses cover technical aspects such as IT service management, IT operations management and implementation of the ITIL framework. All ITIL courses are accredited and prepare for the corresponding certifications. Customers praised the trainers for being technically proficient and willing to answer all their questions.

6. No technical problems

Customers report that ITIL courses run smoothly without any technical issues. This is especially important for online courses, as technical issues can disrupt the course process.

7. Experienced lecturers

We also encounter positive feedback from lecturers. Graduates praise their pleasant speech, positive attitude, relaxed atmosphere, but at the same time professionalism and expertise.

Overall, customers who have completed ITIL courses have found the course content to be valuable, the trainers knowledgeable and engaging, and the education to be practical and interactive. These benefits make ITIL courses suitable for anyone who wants to improve their IT service management practices.

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