DevOps and ITIL simulations

21. 8. 2018

Come and play DevOps or ITIL Simulation! We are pleased to announce that as the only trainings center in the Czech Republic and Slovakia we offer you the G2G3 DevOps simulation and ITSM simulation, highly interactive experiential learning workshops. 

DevOps Simulation

The 1-day DevOps Simulation workshop is focused on the software development and deployment lifecycle and demonstrates the business value and positive impact of a DevOps (Development and Operations) approach. The simulation is highly realistic, and leverages game dynamics to empower cross-functional teams with a shared vision of successful DevOps practices. It is learning through experience.
The DevOps Simulation will help you increase your business agility, increase satisfaction of your customers, increase productivity and increase your speed to market through collaboration.

ITIL® Simulation

This simulation suite is a high-impact, energetic way to accelerate understanding, involvement, and acceptance of ITSM, IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and ISO/IEC 20000. The ITIL simulation is available in 3 industry scenarios: Health, Retail and NPO (non-profit). They involve putting people into a simulated environment to allow them to experience complex situations or best practices, while creating breakthrough understanding of benefits and consequences.
The format allows participants to learn from their mistakes, make adjustments, and actually test out “new knowledge” by putting it to use. Simulations can be contextualized around your business in order to create a relevant and unique experience.


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