Emoční inteligence v digitálním světě
Emoční inteligence v digitálním světě

Conference: Emotional Intelligence in the Digital World

30. 1. 2020

Now is the time to get yourself and your workforce ready for the future. The forecast is clear. Research by McKinsey, Ashoka, Gallup
and Deloitte is telling us to equip ourselves for the era of automation and digitization or face the consequences!

“The disruptions of digitization will not make all jobs “digital“. On the contrary, those activities that are inherently human
and therefore not automatable will gain importance”
The Skilling Challenge, McKinsey & Company and Ashoka.

Business will remain a predominantly HUMAN ART but with the introduction of new technologies and increased human-machine interaction, workforce skills and models of behaviour will inevitably need to evolve.



Why should you attend this conference?

  • Learn about why the Human skills: Social intelligence, accountability, critical thinking and creativity and the Meta skills: Leadership & responsibility, initiative and self-direction will become imperative for success in organisations in the future.
  • Understand how new ways of learning and new workflows can create collective intelligence between people and machines to solve your future business problems.
  • Improve your knowledge on how to stay competitive and relevant individually, as a team and and as an organisation in a constantly evolving artificially intelligent world.
  • Listen to top experts sharing their work, knowledge and success in this topic (Louise Evans, Kateřina Braithwaite, MUDr. Martin Hollý, Jan Müller, Daniel “Bradbury” Dočekal etc.)
  • Discover what EDU Trainings s.r.o. and TaLKS are offering companies in the Czech Republic to meet this challenge.


Date Venue Early Bird For registered until 20.4.2020 Price
20. 5. 2020 Cubex Center Prague  €157 EXCL. VAT  €137 EXCL. VAT


More information and registration form can be found on the conference website: https://emocevdigisvete.cz/eng/.

Do you want to become a conference partner? Please contact us via email: edu@edutrainings.cz.



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