Christmas gifts with real (educational) value

22. 11. 2022

Christmas is coming! And with them also the time to buy gifts for our loved ones. Do you agree with me that we should give gifts of things and experiences with real meaning? Sometimes it’s really hard to come up with a gift that a person really needs, will use repeatedly and will have value in their life. Have you ever tried to donate any form of education to the people around you?

In this article, you will find 5 ideas for gifts related to education that are sure to please your loved ones.

Education and skill courses

Think about what your loved ones enjoy and find fulfilling. Try to find a course that develops these skills and give it as a gift for Christmas. I can recommend foreign language courses, how to function on social networks or soft skills courses focused on negotiation and feedback. If you are braver, you can of course choose any other course that you think your loved one might be interested in and maybe you will be able to discover a new talent in it 😊.

Social games

As humans, we enjoy competing and most of us also enjoy watching various quizzes on television. Why not have such a private competition at our house? Get the people around you a social trivia game to make evenings with friends and family more enjoyable. In addition to a lot of fun, you will also learn something new. Reach for games like “We love the Czechia” or “Mozkovna”.

Educational games for children

If you are looking for inspiration for gifts for the youngest, then you can reach for any educational game. Such games not only exercise children’s memory, knowledge and perception, but can also improve their creativity. Try the game “Beat the parents”, where children from the age of eight compete against their parents.


As books have long been popular as gifts, you don’t have to worry about making a mistake with it. Find out what circles the people around you are interested in and choose the right book for them accordingly. You can view the range of books from Jan Melvil Publishing, which focuses on education. As their motto states, these “books prepare you for the future.”

Gallup test

This is a unique test that reads about 160 questions that we answer and then our answers are analyzed and the result is an overview of our five strongest points. If you would like to help guide your loved ones in what to do, then the Gallup test can be the ideal gift. By developing our strengths and focusing on what we are good at and enjoy, we can gain a great competitive advantage that will allow us to grow not only as a person, but also as an expert in a certain field.

And what gifts do you give? Will there be a place for education among them?

Author: Anna Beňadiková, Operations Manager at EDU Trainings

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