Are you still using Red Hat OpenShift 3? It’s time to upgrade!

10. 10. 2022

Currently, it is still possible to use Red Hat OpenShift 3, but be aware that you will no longer have the support you need if you encounter any problems. Upgrade to the latest version of RH OpenShift 4 and you will not only get the benefits and new features of this version, but also the support you may need to solve problems.

Why migrate to OpenShift 4? You will get:

  • Improved service delivery
  • New management and data options
  • Provisioning new container clusters in days, not months
  • Easier and faster cluster management and security with automatic updates, freeing employees to focus on more valuable projects
  • Avoid extended maintenance periods or unplanned downtime in Openshift 3

As of June 30, 2022, when using RH OpenShift 3, you no longer have access to:

  • Qualified security patches of critical errors
  • Critical bug fix support
  • New software certifications and improvements

If you are still using Red Hat OpenShift 3, please fill out this form to start preparing for this migration. You can also use this tool to evaluate your current readiness for migration. Upgrade to RH OpenShift 4 as soon as possible to see the immediate improvements this release offers.

Getting started with Red Hat OpenShift? Watch the video below with subtitles.

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